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Dear CCI friends,


a)   This is my effort to share among you a real life story. This is the real life story of my boss friend.


b)  When I failed several time in CA exam then I have asked the question with my self as to “is the word CA has the meaning of “Come again”?


c) Why I have failed in spite of my hard work. After frequent failure, again going to write the exam, Most of the face is common and familiar. When I failed, I have to face so many questions from the society.


d)  When I succeeded, no one there even to appreciate. I thought, this may be the behavior of people. This means all the people are not like that.


e)   Those who had failed have any valid reason for failure which may be ranging from any physical illness or Boss has not allowed leave to prepare.


f)  All seems to be valid and reasonable. They all are finding a shelter to cover up their failure. When I cleared my CA exam, some of the familiar faces still continue the same process.


g)   But when I failed, there was one person whose great life experience helped me to come positively write the exam.


h)   I also realized that giving up the CA course is not a solution. Any way, I started the journey. So, I don’t want to discontinue the journey in between. Now, I thought , this is the right time to share with one and each of you.


The main hero of my story.


Ø  He is my boss friend and both are done the articles together in the year 1982.


Ø  He is cleared the Intermediate exam in the first attempt during the year 1983.


Ø  He had written Both group and cleared Second group 1985 and my boss become a boss. ( CA)


Ø  Next time Failed in first group but secured two exemptions. He just have to clear two more paper to become a qualified Chartered Accountant. But , read the twist which was happened.

But following are the twist of his story


a)   Every time the paper MAFA (Now SFM) paper made him trouble. That paper was a big hectic paper for him. Every time after result declared, he is failed in MAFA paper. Even, he may be managed to clear Accounts. If he cleared MAFA, then, fully qualified CA.


b)  At the time of solving the problem, he can able to solve during the studies. But exam, he was a total failure during the exam time. Some thing wrong.


c)   There is a good dedication in studies and he never be dishearten in his studies due to constant failure.


b)   Lost the exemption which he had secured earlier attempt and that caused to write all the papers in first group. If you are in his place, you may be left the CA course forever. This was the first twist.


c) There are so many syllabus changes over, this caused further trouble since he has to learn with the new syllabus. This is another twist.


d)   Went to coaching twice for the subject MAFA (SFM) and full mind and body was dedicated to this paper. But failed.  He failed not one year but for 21 years.


e)   He never missed even a single exam attempt. He never felt bad about himself. He already started his own business to write and finalize account.


f) His wife was so supportive and given him all the form of moral support.


g)   Finely cleared during 2006 may attempt and become a real hero.



What we have to understand.


1) Never give up our effort. Failure that is after constant effort simply miserable experience. But, it is life and we have to accept my dear friends. Be positive.


2) Some of our friends were leave the CA course merely due to failure or fear to fail.  Please observe the above example, how much time the hero was written CA final first group exam? 18 years.


3) Try to find the mistake of yours. Some time you may be not able to find your reason for failure. But, it can be traced out by some others.


4) Experience make the life more perfect.



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