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Dear Friends of CA Club India,

I now feel very happy indeed after having received a set of overwhelming responses from the readers regarding my previous articles. Further, some inspirational and motivational comments from some of the active members here have made me post more to this site. While most of the comments I received were positive, a few others were negative. And I always wish to focus towards the reasons behind such negative comments.

Students and friends, the November 2010 exam is nearing and hope all of you are in the path. At this point of time, I would like to share with all of you certain points regarding our method of preparing for the exams. Therefore this article more intended towards the students who still have enough time for the making their attempts or those who have just joined for their articleship.

We all study, in order to acquire knowledge and this is known to everybody. Examinations are conducted inorder to facilitate us to exhibit such knowledge.

Once we have registered for intermediate level, the institute sends a set of “goliath” sized books for accounts (wherein there are 2 parts), for tax, law, and even for some of the most boring topics like strategic management. They require us to learn and understand the concepts that are mentioned in those books and for the same purpose they give us a time of 18 months from the date of registration. At the end of the 18th month, institute conducts an exam and tests whether the students have understood anything from those sets of books or not. With these words, I mean to emphasis on the fact that we are not supposed to mug up the books and vomit them at the exam hall. From every word in an answer we write, the paper valuer must be able to ascertain that we have understood the concepts of the portions properly. This is the sole purpose of conducting the exams.

Now let us discuss upon some tips by which we can efficiently manage to study our portions systematically and in a planned manner.

Dear friends, soon after you have received the books, start your studies rather than waiting for starting the articleship or for exam leave. This is because, if we start our preparations from an early time, then when the exam is nearing, we’ll be able to take good revisions for all subjects. The time for sitting with studies doesn’t matter. It depends upon your own convenience.

 Another point I would like to stress upon is that articleship and studies are not 2 different things. They have equal priorities over each other. Effectively combining articleship with the studies will help to ensure that the studies get more of a practical experience.

Next up, coaching classes. To a student who has passed out in their first attempt, anybody would normally ask the first question as which class they attended. Thus, coaching classes do play a good role. Cause, an average student picks up well when he is taught by someone else rather than by self study. But do remember, not to attend classes repeatedly for the same subjects.

Studying for an exam and writing it are both different. Once we have completed studying the entire portions and they are thorough to some extent, start writing mock tests. They will help you to manage time effectively while at the exam hall.

Choose any good reference that suits to you than going with the mass. But do not leave out the institute material. They are very essential at the time of preparing for the exams.

The question paper patterns change at frequent intervals. So there is no surety as to whether there will be choice for the questions or not. Therefore do not opt for selective preparation.

Referring scanners and compilers are very useful as they present the manner in which an answer has to be written inorder to score marks. This is very particular to theory papers.

Make time-tables and plan your studies accordingly. This will be helpful to develop effective time management and is inturn useful during the exam. At the exam hall make a rough estimate of the time you should take to answer each question.

We are students of professional courses and so we must be aware of the latest amendments in our respective field. This is very important while at the exam. Because I had earlier itself mentioned that the institute dos not want you to mug up something and vomit at the answer paper. It wants you to acquire knowledge. So there may be questions which, though are not there in our portions, but may contain essential points regarding the most recent amendments.

Last and final thing… understand your own weakness and act accordingly. Understanding strength alone causes an over confidence in us. That is not good. Consider both your strengths and weakness.

So.. that’s it. Thank you so much for having read these few lines very patiently and hope it is useful too. Kindly post your comments whether they are negative or positive. I will surely try to improve myself based on such comments.




No doubt, CA Students are always of the first kind.

Thank You.



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