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Hi everyone!! Exams are approaching and you all must be very busy in preparation of exam. You all have approx 45 days to go for the exam and the exam fever is on its high!! So here are few words of inspiration and tips...hope this will help you.

First of all little inspiration and then tips.

So some of you might have completed your course while some of you might be stressing yourselves to finish it of ASAP and few of you might be confused about whether to appear for both groups or go for 1 group only!!!! Uffff so much of tension and confusions!!!

Hold on!! Relax and make a plan for making the best out of the time still left!!! Either you can keep on worrying and thinking ki ” kaise hoga “ pata nahin kab hoga” “ mera toh itna sara baki hai” etc etc etc which will only Increase your tension and waste your precious time or juz relax make a plan and start studying!!! Just imagine, you yourself are increasing your trouble and making your situation worse than before..

Ek toh pehle se band baji huyi thi peeche chal rahe the aur upar se bache huye time me se aadha time aapne khud SIRF SOCH SOCH KAR WASTE KAR DIYA! Is se toh acha hota ki aap apna time kuch prepare karne mein INVEST karte toh atleast Pending chapters ki list thodi choti ho jati!!

I hope this is enough to make you realize what you should in remaining days to get closer to your target!!!

And now time for some tips!!

General tips

i. Be calm during 3 hours of exam .Dont get panic if you don’t know 1 or 2 questions of approx 12 to 16m, you still can do well in remaining paper of 84m and don’t get overexcited if you know some question as this leads to silly mistakes.. juz be calm and confident.(neither under confident nor over confident)

ii. Don’t go too heavy on the memorizing. Some detail does need to be in your head clearly and correctly, but much of what you study is about arguing and analyzing a subject, as opposed to exact recall of specific points and quotations.

iii. Budget your time wisely utilize 15 minutes reading time to the fullest advantage to prepare mentally towards the strategy to be followed in attempting the paper.

iv. While answering questions involving application of law/standards etc, briefly state the facts, the legal position, your analysis backed up with case laws, if any and your conclusion.

v. The tendency of giving long answers to short answered questions and vice-versa should be avoided.

vi. Wherever a question gives scope for alternate answers and you are aware of the possibility, you must do and justify that.

vii. Last but important-At least Read few questions from Practice manual of main chapters just to get an idea of how to present the answer in exam.This will help you improve the content and presentation of your answer.


- By CA Seema Lalchandani


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