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Sometimes we only think, think and think. But when we think and our thinking gets converted into action/execution, then we see positive results. Your positive thinking, when combined with positive action, result in success.

Some questions you have to ask yourself and find answers:-

1. Whether I take any step towards my dreams?

It's very important to take a step, even a little step towards your dreams and be determined to fulfill it. Make your dreams into small goals like if you want to become a CA then your vision is CA but divide it into small goals.

 1. Pass CPT with good marks, 
2. Then IPCC 
3. And Final.

This will help you and all your plans should be well written, they remind you always that you saw a dream and you have to fulfill it.

2. Whether my efforts are enough to fulfill my dreams?

Your efforts must match with your goals, you have to be serious towards your dreams because it's up to you whether you can convert it into reality or still as a dream. For that, you must be like - "I can do it" "If I fail, so I stand up again and fight until I achieve my dream."

3. If I fail, then whether I learn from it or quit?

For eg:- Results are out, your efforts is not worth it this time, then this is the time whether you accept your mistakes or you quit. I know someone has financial problems and other issues. But you set your goals to achieve it, not quit; right.

4. Can I do it or not?

After so many failures we have to think whether I can do it or not, even I am, but what kind of thinking and advise you have, it really matters.

5. Whether I learn from mistakes?

I will share my experience here. When I failed 1st time in CA final, I got depressed. But I saw a dream to fulfill it, not quit. I made a list of all my mistakes, I did in my previous attempt. Like chapters I did not cover, concepts I skipped, question I did not prepare etc. You better know your mistakes and don't compare it with someone else. So better to prepare a list of mistakes and correct it. And in the second attempt, I secured 3 exemptions and cleared my CA. Friends, you have to be serious towards your dreams, it's your life.

6. Whether I am motivated or not?

Freinds, you see a lot of videos, read story of motivation but motivation from yourself lasts, till you achieve your dreams. I seek motivation from people's taunts like you can't become CA because in your family no one is well educated, it's like a booster for me and gives me a passion to do it with more efforts.

Last question

7. Whether I take care of myself?

Your health is very important friends, if your health is good, you can do anything. It's a request that take care of yourself and do your best.

Remember always: A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. 


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