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Failure disappoints everyone be it the person directly concerned to the failure or the one who is concerned about that individual who fails. But the bigger pain is feel when there's salt being added to the wound. Nobody likes that. Not everyone gets motivation when its a failure. Criticism usually comes along with failure many a times. This article is dedicated to those who have been facing criticism from anyone after failure and finding it hard to adjust to hit back again in the study. My friends its all about believing in yourself and not letting the foundation of your confidence weaken for no reason at all.

I don’t like looking around me envying any success story when I am myself facing failures. It only frustrates me for two reason - first I have failed recently and second in fact I become envious. Expectations are a killer of your confidence. If your mind is not free, you are always bombarded by bullets of strain going in your brain. It kills your creativity, your open attitude becomes a closed system and the processing becomes limited resulting in minimal output. I don’t need pressure, let me be free to nurture my own thought process of how I should proceed now.

Still a student but I work as well. Now I have time constraint so managing time would be a greater challenge. I call one issue called “psychology hunting” and there are two categories of hunters. One is your inner self that puts constant thrust in tour mind about how to act now having already failed and the road ahead still seems to be dangerous. The other category of hunters is those who constantly pressurize you on what you should be doing. They are the ones who can change your perception, your action plan in a matter of a moment if you come under the real pressure.

So the first one would be rather motivating than the later one because it is our inner self that can drive us to the right way provided we think that what we envision is correct as well as beneficial to us. At least, the latter category of psychology hunters creates a gap between what we actually want and what we can achieve. The bridge can never be built between these two things if there’s this hunting of human psychology, we are so pressurized that our brain doesn’t want to think what really is right for us. It is forced to think in the way our expectants have vision for us despite our heart and mind wants something else.

At the inception of my study in this field, I used to hear one funny saying “Jesus never failed till he joined CA”. Well this is something like a satire to the failures being so common in our field. Despite being so common for our fraternity,  it is still hard for people to believe and understand this thing who see their sons/daughters/kiths and kin in this field who have been so academically strong in their earlier days who has finally failed today in the field of CA. We have no ways to convince them about the real issues that every student in our field faces. All they want us is to hold the degree as soon as possible and they will never understand that CA is indeed one tough field of study.

I guess every student has to be let free to make his own action plan for what he has to do further instead of further being pressurized by saying bare statements like “beta iss baar toh jaise bhi katana hai, nahi toh agli baar se pocket money main katauti hai” one small example to say “papa kaa ghussa toh jaanta hi hai”….and all. And finally under constant pressure, the psychology gets so hunted that every time he tries to open up books, the very first chapter a student can study would be “The Consequences of My failure”. This chapter would have every scary factor that would again weaken his/her confidence and finally at the end of the day, the chapter never ends to begin with the next chapter.


I call it Psychology Hunting.

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CA Surendra
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