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Procedure in applying for membership by newly qualified CA's

Sathish M , Last updated: 11 August 2014  

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate each and every member who have qualified the May / June 2014 Examination. This must have been one of the defining moments of your life, which has given you the desired outcome which many professionals aspire for. There must be too many thoughts running in one’s mind as to what s/he should do next. Whatever the decision you will be taking, you must consult your parents / peers / colleagues / friends on what you intend to do in life.

There may be varied views from different quarters, ultimately you must decide what is that one passion that has always drove you to do the chartered accountancy course. So, this decision shall be made only by you after giving careful consideration to various views / advices sought from your well wishers (may be your critics too, to understand your strengths/ weakness and overall personality).

Now on the professional front it is also important for you to enroll as a member of ICAI at the earliest. Please understand that you will be referred as a member of ICAI only if you register yourself as a member of the Institute.

In this regard, for those who want to apply for membership, I have given below a gist of activities to be undertaken:

1. Download relevant Form

Download Form 2 (for Membership only) or Form 6 (Membership cum COP) from ICAI website 

http://www.icai.org/new_post.H T M L?post_id=1564&c_id=89.   

2. Filling up details in application downloaded

Fill all the relevant details as mentioned in Form 2 or Form 6 as the case may be.   

3. Purchase Demand Draft

Draw Demand Draft for requisite fee favoring "The Secretary, ICAI" payable at ............(your decentralized office location).   

Note: The Fee structure is mentioned in Form 2 / Form 6 itself.

4. Attest all your Educational Certificates

Get all your Educational certificates attested by a Chartered Accountant (i.e, any member of the Institute either in service or practice).   

5. Marks Sheet

Statement of Marks of Final Examination both group (you can enclose the downloaded copy from "caresults.nic.in" and get it attested by a Chartered Accountant).   

6. Article Completion Certificate

Article completion letter issued by ICAI (to be attested by a CA).   

7. GMCS Certificate

Certificate of participation in “General Management and Communication Skills" course ( to be attested by a CA).   

8. Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate for proof of birth (if not available, your Tenth Standard Marks sheet holds good - get it attested by a CA).   

9. Identity card 

Identity card (Download from website) duly filled and signed by you must be enclosed.   

10. Covering Letter (Optional)

Write a covering letter addressing, the secretary, of your Decentralized Office mentioning the enclosures attached along with Form 2 or 6 as the case may be.   

11. Sending documents by post

Send all the above documents to your decentralized office by speed post.      


Once the above procedure is followed, you will receive intimation from the Institute, regarding the application submitted from your end, for which a temporary control number is assigned. On verification of all the relevant forms/ records/ documents, subject to satisfaction the Membership letter is issued.

The Certificate of Membership / Practice (as the case may be) is generally handed to you in person during the convocation ceremony by the President of ICAI at the designated venue, which shall be intimated to you in due course. If for some reason you are unable to attend the convocation ceremony, the Institute shall dispatch the certificate(s) to your concerned address within reasonable time.

Thanks and regards,


In case of any query please contact me on my email @ ca.sathish119@gmail.com

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