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CA Jahanvi Trivedi , Last updated: 30 June 2011  

This is my first article in the CAClub. I have been following the club since recent and I have found it very useful for everybody- students as well as professionals.

I have sorted out some of the important skills for studying for CA or any professional exam. I really hope that it works for everyone.

1. Importance of regular studies:


Never underestimate the importance of regular studies. Never keep the things incomplete for that last moment. I think everyone would agree with me that a regular study of around 4-5 hours daily is far better than long night studies during the exam days. Make it a rule and do not get sleep without completing your regular study hours. With this practice you can plan your study easily. You can know your strengths and weakness much before the examination days. Try to make use of small bits of time that is available while travelling or say even during watching TV. Yes you can study a practical paper while watching your favorite movie. Just try it, it works.


2. Plan your studies:

In all we have got 8-9 long subjects. By planning we can reduce the tension of completing the studies at the last moment. If planning includes the following steps than I am sure that sticking to the same plan will not be difficult.

i) There has to be a combination of two subjects at a time. One can be theoretical while another will be practical. (e.g. Accounts for one day, audit for next day).

ii) Study theoretical subject when you are fresh enough to grasp the things. Study practical subject when you are really in a relaxing mood may be post lunch.

iii) Take up that favorite topic of your practical subject for studying while watching TV.

iv) Always put variations in your studies. Keep on switching the subjects so that you do not get tired or bored of one subject. But do not leave any topic of a particular subject incomplete. Always switch to new topic only after completing the previous one.

v) Schedule your time in such a way that atleast 2-3 revisions are possible just before the exam.


Lastly stick to your plan sincerely and honestly. If required, then you can re plan your schedule but this re planning should be limited up to only once or twice. By doing proper planning you will not have to miss any of your favorite enjoyment. After all, enjoyment is also necessary to get our self going.


3. Avoid negative thoughts:

It is better said than done. Ask those who have regularly failed to clear their papers in spite of their hard work. But, we still have to treat every attempt as the fresh one. How is it possible? I have one simple solution, and hope it works.

Try to develop one of the hobbies like music, sports, reading, cooking, painting, etc. Whenever you feel sad, nervous or filled with negative thoughts, just close your books and get involved in your favorite activity. An hour spent for doing your favorite thing will rejuvenate you like a fresh flower and you will find the energy to again resume your studies. This has certainly worked for me. But please do not overdo this rejuvenation activity otherwise it will become your regular activity and study will become once in a while activity. Remember you have to stick to your schedule anyhow.

4. Habit of writing:

This habit is a must for preparing of professional exams. This will help you to remain active even when you are studying a theory paper after heavy lunch. Funs apart; there are some concrete benefits of writing habit:

i) You can refer to your small notes before the exams.

ii) You can memorize the things easily.

iii) Your hand writing improves

iv) Your speed of writing improves which will help you to complete your paper.


5. Importance of short cut techniques of memorizing things:

This is the most important thing now a day’s taught to almost every student in Coaching classes or colleges particularly for theory subjects. You can cultivate your own techniques. However, If you don’t know any I will share with you some.

i) Divide you answer into points, memorize only points.

ii) Take the first letter of the points and try to make a word or a sentence from those points. Just remember the sentence and your answer of 10-12 points is ready.

Use a particular fragrance (your favorite perfume or flower fragrance) while you study a particular subject. Keep the same fragrance with you every time you study that subject. Even you can use the same just before the exam day or on the exam day. You will be easily remembering all the things that you have studied for that particular subject while you inhale the same fragrance. This is scientifically proved that when you use a particular fragrance and again you come across the same fragrance, you remember easily all that is related to it and has happened earlier.

The same theory of fragrance can be used for music. You can play your favorite music while studying a particular topic or subject and you can recollect the same while listening to the same music again. But music is not allowed in the exam hall, so you will have to restrict yourself. However the theory is still effective.

Here I end my article for preparation of exam.  I hope it will be useful for all students. If I have missed out any point, I would certainly like to listen from you.

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