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As an interviewer I meet a lot of candidates who are interested in pursuing Industrial Training. However several candidates don’t prepare well for the interview, resulting in losing great opportunities to join good organisations and getting experience in areas they would like to gain exposure to. I have included some helpful tips to help students prepare for interviews:

Know yourself: Usually the first question asked at an interview is “Tell me something about yourself” or a variation thereof. This answer will decide which how the interview will go and also improve your chances of getting selected. The best person to talk about yourself is “You.” You should be able to talk about yourself for atleast 2 minutes, with confidence. The best way to prepare for this question is to go in sections – talk about your educational background (school, college etc.), your extra-curricular activities (if any), your past work experience, your significant achievements at work and your personal traits/strengths. If time permits you can talk about why you are interested in doing Industrial training, your hobbies and your family background, though these are not essential. Once you have written down this you should memorize it and rehearse it well, perhaps in front of a mirror or a family member at least a few times before the interview.

Know your CV: Lots of potential candidates have several mistakes on their CV. In addition, questions are based on the CV provided by the candidates. Candidates do not review their CV for these mistakes or are not aware of what is included in their CVs. Before sending their CV to a potential employer,  spend some time proof-reading your CV for any mistakes. Ask a friend, colleague or family member to review their CV and point out any mistakes. Before going for an interview read your CV thoroughly and anticipate potential questions that an interviewer may ask.

Know your matter: a Chartered Accountant takes pride in the knowledge he has acquired though study or practical experience. Before going for an interview brush up on accounting standards, auditing standards, taxation etc. that is relevant to your potential role as well as your past work experience.

Dress:  Many potential candidates take interviews very casually. They do not dress appropriately for an interview. Both gents and ladies should ideally wear formals or appropriate dress code based on their organization they are interviewing with. Gents should wear a tie if the employees in the organization wear ties. Ensure hair neatly combed and gents should groom their facial hair. Wear appropriate formal footwear for the interview.

Research: Another area that candidates lack is appropriate preparation on the orgnisation. In the digital age, variety of information is available publicly. Candidates should spend sometime going through the company website, financial statements etc. This will enable the candidates to understand the organization, the culture and also anticipate questions that may be asked during the interview.

Questions: Last but not the least, the candidates should prepare at least 2-3 relevant questions to ask during the interview. The questions should be relevant to the role and the organsiation. This shows that you have done some research beforehand and have prepared well for an interview.

Good luck to all candidates.

PS: There are few errors in the above article. Lets see if they can be spotted.


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