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While it is safe to say that most men are far away from being fashion conscious, much like how far off the Sahara Desert is from the North Pole, it is a sad but true scenario even in today’s much decked up and fashion conscious world. Though I strongly feel women are the main driver of world fashion, men have a role to play as well.

I know, being a man, we really do not mind wearing our beloved denims and a t-shirt to about any social gathering if we really owned the rules of the fashion game! How I wish I could walk into a plush hotel in my boxers and a comfy t-shirt and maybe flip flops to go with it, but well, social constraints will not let us be (hmph!).

While personal dressing style is for everybody to carve out for themselves, corporate dressing, or power dressing, as I like to call it, has a few basic things that if taken care of, can elevate both your confidence and your (perceived) stature in the eye of people around you.

Corporate, or power dressing is the art of making your dressing your introduction, without uttering a single word! Unfortunately, the importance of power dressing is yet to be realized by the majority of men before the corporate world looks more suave than serious! Read on to find out how you can stand out among your peers just by dressing right!

For your suit, a black, grey (or silver) or dark blue shade is a good choice. However, if you wish to break the common colour choice trend, beige is a wonderful choice to me. Get yourself a tailor-made suit that fits you well and compliments your body structure. Short men should go for slim fit while tall men must avoid striped fabrics, instead choosing mild checks.

Instead of stuffing your entire wardrobe with regular collar shirts, try out Chinese collar shirts in white, blue or other light colours. Young men can try a back colour Chinese collar shirt too. Nonetheless, even if you would like to go the old school way in this, make sure the shirt is atleast a crisp white when the suit is dark. The sleeves of the shirt and blazer should reach the wrist. Never roll up your shirt sleeves, it looks plain ugly!

Ties! My personal favourite in corporate dressing. While this is your chance to add a little zing to your dressing, do not go over the fence with cartoon prints, fluorescent colours or other such loud patterns. However, use your choice of tie as a way to get attention. For example, wearing a mild pink colour tie on a white shirt and a light colour suit will stand out, catching the eye of people passing you by. This trick works in getting comments from your company’s top bosses, who, otherwise, wouldn’t start a conversation with a newbie. Long thing short, ties can be good ice breakers!

Dark shades like black, dark blue or brown for socks are the best choice. Also, make sure your socks are long enough to cover up till your calf. Wear socks any shorter, and you will end up showing off your hairy shin, or worse, ankles!

Shoes with laces have a more polished look as compared to ones without them. Also, if you really can’t figure out which colour to buy your shoe in, pick up black ones with laces. Brown is a good alternate but you will have to see how it goes with your suit.

Buy belts in colour of the shoe you will be wearing. Never wear an informal belt on an otherwise formal get up, ever. Buckle of the belts should be simple and not like as if you stole it from a rockstar.

In the name of Jewelry men should wear a maximum of one ring in each hand and avoid earrings and other such piercings at all costs. However, a necklace that is for religious purpose is acceptable, but should be tucked inside the shirt so that it is not visible.

The coat should have double slit at the back in slim fit with sleeves neither body hugging nor too lose. Usually we ditch the coat in summers, however, wearing it indoors should not be a problem, since there will be air conditioners (hopefully!).

Choose a light and fresh body spray. For colognes, either a light variety in a small amount or none at all. Make sure that the fragrance is not overpowering.

Last, but surely not the least, your briefcase. While many of us prefer a little backpack, people who do not have to carry laptops can go for a slim briefcase that compliments your dressing. P.S: Briefcases are classic, classy and smooth, any given day!

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