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Postponement of CA exams: How to convert the uncertainty into an opportunity!

on 03 May 2021


Dear Friends, 

No one of us is unaffected by the direct/indirect adverse effects of this COVID-19 pandemic. And one of its major adverse impacts is the postponement of CA exams, once again. 

Postponement of exams is very disturbing for any student, especially when one is preparing for professional exams for the last 12 months. We feel that our dreams and plans have been delayed and it is like testing the patience level of students. 

But this is the time, one should act tactfully and smartly, to get the best results of one's preparations. 

Postponement of CA exams: How to convert the uncertainty into an opportunity

Here are a few think points

(1) Take stock of your preparation and cover the topics/chapters, which have remained pending due to any reason. This will make your preparation complete. 

(2) Spend some days on revision of topics/chapters which you find complex or difficult. This will boost up your confidence. 

(3) Use this time for writing practice. It is very well possible that you have skipped paper writing practice till now because you were busy completing your study. You should grab this opportunity for paper writing practice. If you have completed one round of paper writing of all the subjects, you should go for the second round. It is always advisable to write at least two papers on each subject, to prepare yourself better for CA exams.


(4) No matter how perfect your study plan was, you must be having a thought in your mind that I wish I could get some more time, then I would have completed this chapter by doing this way or I would have practised those examples, etc. This is the time that should be used to plug these gaps and make your preparation full proof. 

(5) You can also revise your entire syllabus one more time if you utilise this time efficiently. 

So my dear friends, keep up your tempo of studying and forget all the worries about the conduction of exams. Your focus should not be distracted from your study goals. Hold on for some more days, use this bonus time available in the best way and give your 100%. 


All The Best!!!

The author is a practising Chartered Accountant and can be reached at

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