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During last 5 days, all the bank employees are seen like a god by the people of India who are so called "Poor" people but in actual they are the most richest people as they do have the most beautiful thing and that's called the emotions and a little knowledge with big heart!!

I am not saying that other people do not have emotions but since last 5-6 days where everyone is busy with some practical approach for escaping from their Taxes and all, there are so many people who are in worry of their daughter's marriage !! As they had withdrew more than lakhs of Rupee's and now the old notes can't be used and new notes have limitations for withdrawing the amount!!

People who have blessed us because we have filled up their forms for opening a new bank account in a situation where they even do not know what is an identity proof.

We bank employees got the beautiful opportunity of doing services for the nation as well as the public. In spite of the duty given as a part of the job, no one is doing their job, everyone is serving themselves towards the country's people!!

The people are doing extra hour's work.  Some retired officers are coming just to help to their organization! The employees have forgotten their lunch break, the security guards are even helping to customers in filling up the various forms.

The various companies came up with social responsibilities and provided water bottles to the people who are standing in rows for depositing or withdrawing the money.

The ladies who have never seen the banks are coming and becoming aware about the currency and the taxation even.

Teenagers are coming and enquiring about their eligibility for all kind of deposits and all.

I know people are becoming aware due to scariness or some kind of helplessness but the good thing is that knowledge is increasing in any way in the country.

Indian Economy is a big thing and there are lot's of people who are specifically appointed to analyze the financial situation but these small things which I have observed are worth to note and can't be ignored because one small step can make a big achievement.

People are  becoming aware about safety of their capital, about usefulness of PAN Card, about filing their IT Return, even about importance of their signature and not only that but about the on line transactions also!!

Definitely E-Commerce will be the king in near future and the use of Internet data will be worth.

I hope people will understand this step and positive things will be learnt from it apart from adjustments, using mind more than computers for escaping from tax, the trouble which people are facing in exchange of currency etc.

I do not know how much, banks will earn due to deposits and exchange but all the people who are connected in this work as a bank employee have earned and learned more and more or more in less!!

Some Beautiful Experiences during last 5 days of Black & White War!!

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Published by

Snehal N. Tanna
(Chartered Accountant)
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