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Hi friends…hope you all are fine. I hope that my first short story on success and failure helped you all…and with the same hope I have set to tell you all one another story. This may be a little big article or a short story, so I would humbly request the readers to patiently read the entire story…I would also like to add that this one is nothing similar to my earlier story..:)



It was February 8th 2011, I was reluctantly waiting for my CA-IPCC results, every one in the house was normal and cool as if nothing is about to happen, I was thinking what would be their reaction if they know that my ship was about to sink in the ocean, any how I was boldly waiting for my results, sitting in front of the monitor with my grandpa on my side for an support if I …..   Then the time struck 1.30 pm, the results was announced and indeed my ship sank in an edge, … I was broken my parents consoled me … saying it’s ok da it happens, just don’t give up and give your best in next attempt


But I started thinking all negatively, as I would never pass again, never going to do good things happen, never going to shine, never going to get respect, and all those ugly stuffs….my grandpa watching me intently asked


What thinking about results dear? He asked

Yes then what else. I replied

Leave it dear it’s not a big deal it happens in all walks of life to everyone in different ways..Just be positive and don’t give up. He said

WHAT, NOT A BIG DEAL AFTER ALL MY HARDWORK?!!! I am never gone a achieve anything again in my life. I sobered

May be your work was not upto the requirement dear, but this does not mean you could do nothing in your life, don’t think negatively of course you are gone a get through this I bet.. .he said

Easy for u to say, sitting there in an easy armchair, having nice pension, good son and everything and look at me. I sobered again

Ok dear, let me tell you the secret of all what you see in me. He said


Now let me tell you a story of my real life experience on positive and negative thoughts and secret of the life. he said

Well nothing to do immediately after failing, I sank into the chair for listening to grandpas story

Well dear it was nearly 50 to 54 years back, I was going for English tuition with my two dear friend’s Sudarshan and Raglan .well about these two guys you have to know that Raglan was an complete freak he thinks every thing negatively all the time and as for the Sudarshan he is completely opposite to him. He said

One day dear, while studying we came across a line on positive thoughts


Sir what does positive thoughts mean? Raglan asked

Our sir smiled and went to the kitchen and brought a red juicy apple and placed before us.. then he took the apple and gave it to Raglan and said “let us assume that I gave this apple to Raglan  for winning in my some competition in which you both lost …so how would be, you two guys feelings on this?” he asked us

I with watering mouth said: sir I would think raglan is lucky enough to get a juicy red apple.

Sir laughed and he asked Sudarshan

He immediately replied that “sir I would be really happy”

We all asked him why

He replied “sir I may have lost an apple but I gained an experience of losing an apple. Infact the very little losing experience sir”

Sir smiled widely and replied now that my dears is what we call as positive is nothing but seeking knowledge and experience in every loss we meet

Then he asked Raglan that how he would feel on losing an apple on hearing that his shoulders dropped, smile faded, and face lost in thoughts.. stop Raglan .he said

Don’t sink too much in negative thoughts because everything you feared will never gone a happen it’s just a scary negative thought. Said our sir

My grandpa passed for a second … I asked him that’s all what you wanted to tell me about your experience and secret

No the main part is still there then he continued

Then dear we all were separated in building our own fortunes … then one day I met Raglan and was very excited and asked him how was he , and what was he doing.

He replied that he was some clerk in government office..And then I asked him about Sudharshan and his where about.

Raglan said that sudharshan had become a successful writer.

Funny I never knew about his books .I said him

Of course he writes under the name The Thinker much macho isn’t it he said

What I was shocked the renowned writer under the name the thinker was none other than our friend Sudharshan

I greeted Raglan and came home and sat.

Then grandpa stopped ….I asked him why what happened again and again

Then he smiled and replied… that they experienced the power of positive thinking dear because Sudharshan was failed consecutively in 10 different careers after trying 10 times in each career and then without losing the hope he finally wrote a book named ..WHAT NOT TO DO, TO WIN IN 10 DIFFERENT CAREERS.

I was just stunned and said what he used all his experience of failure and turned it into a book to win

Ya ya . Replied my grandpa smiling

And then he said, from that day dear I lived my life positively and as for him (sudharshan) he wrote many books on new way of thinking and living.

And then I took every pain as a boon and challenge and worked very hard on it. And that’s how I am here now sitting in this easy armchair dear.


I did not reply anything to my grandpa except a thank you..infact my pains have been vanished, my spirits sprinted, and my life raced and after 90 days of hard work I gave my exams without any worry about the results, just being positive …….

Neither had I wanted to write a story like him(sudharshan) but with a hope that I could do something useful in this world for me and others with my positive thoughts I conclude my story….

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