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I was going to start by saying 'I consider myself a bit of a wordsmith' but then I looked up the definition (an expert in the use of words) and decided against it. Instead, I'll call myself a word-noticer. Doesn't roll off the tongue like wordsmith, but it's more accurate. I tend to notice words people use. I don't do this consciously; it's more of a habit I've picked up through the years, studying the mind.

My friends, family members will tell you I interrupt them regularly, while they're telling me what their action items are for the week. I'm sure it gets annoying, but I'm there to help them, and sometimes changing a word can really make a difference. For example, I practically always suggest they get rid of their 'try.'

"I'm gonna try to journal everyday this week."
"I'm gonna try to finish a book this week."
"I'll try to go to walk in morning here onwards."

Look at how powerful those statements become when you get rid of the try!

I'm gonna journal everyday!
I'm gonna finish my book!
I'll go to walk every morning!
The exclamation point is practically unavoidable!

Getting rid of the 'try' makes it more of an intention; an affirmation. A positive statement about something you're going to get done.

Another thing I've noticed, as a word-noticer, is we don't use try, when we're stating something we enjoy doing. For example, two months back you would have said - I'm gonna watch next episode of 'Game of Thrones' Monday morning. I'm not gonna try to finish it. In fact, I'm going to savor each episode like an expensive bottle of wine.

But can you see the inherent negativity, if you will, of the word try? We generally use it when we're talking about things we don't really feel like doing, or things we feel we may not be able to complete.

You may be thinking 'But it's good to try. Why is he saying it's negative?' Of course it's good to try; just don't use that word when you're setting an intention. Just strike it from your goal-setting vocabulary. What you'll find, is you increase the possibility of success when you eliminate the try. Seriously!!

That's my tip for the month- stop trying to do the thing and go do it! You really should get on that!

Over to you.

Do you use the word 'try' a lot?
Do you notice that you're using it?
Do you think it makes a difference?
How about if this Festive Season you try not to use the word try?

Note: This article is inspired by thought of one my colleague who explained me the negative impact of the word "TRY".


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CA Shubham Maru
(Larsen and toubro Ltd. )
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