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Time management is the most critical element of a student. Coming to think of it practically, the term looks simple and often heard of, but undoubtedly is hard to apply. A simple example would mean you could easily spend your time watching a movie for three hours and time shall evanesce! However, the same three hours of study shall seem taxing to you. This is not something unusual and happens with most of us in the student phase of life.

Nevertheless, the art of time management needs to be adopted and developed so that by the time we move on to the next plethora of exam season, we are relaxed and sure of what we have studied. The art simply involves planning your minutes for studying, time allocation to each subject and a strong determination to get through in your exams. For all this, I firmly believe, the inner voice works foremost. No matter what teachers/parents tell you about studies, unless and until a student is self-determined to study, time management can’t happen at all. The time “chakra” moves at its pace, doesn’t stop for anybody and you need to utilize your time as is available to anyone else.

Students who feel they can’t manage time, I feel they need to introspect themselves with queries like:-

• Why am I doing CA?

Is it for parents or because your friends joined it or you saw a successful CA and want to be like that in future?-Whatever may be the answer- the ultimate goal should be whether you want to become a CA or not? If yes, you can’t afford to waste time.

• Why is it so hard for me to manage time? 

Is it because I can’t concentrate or I have other important things to do or I get distracted by my phone/friends? - Irrespective of the reason, you need to understand what priority does becoming a CA hold in your life? It’s perfectly alright to have different priorities, but if that is so, probably this is not the right course for you. CA demands patience and persuasiveness.

And then ultimately, try to plan minutes for each session of study instead of hours. Your hours and days for study shall automatically be planned. If you are wondering why I didn’t mention plan your seconds, then the answer is CA is too in-depth a study and may be seconds planning shall not be practical and effective. While planning minutes, always keep some off time for relaxing your mind and recapitulating what you have read, so that studies seem manageable.

Plan as per your readiness to study-some people prefer early mornings and some prefer late nights- whatever it is, just make sure even if you waste half an hour, you wasted 30 minutes of your invaluable time. Everybody feels that time was never enough, but if you plan properly, time will seem to be enough without much stress. If you plan from today itself, you will feel exam pressure will slowly get aside and you will be able to see the brighter side of it-You are going to be a CA one day if you crack these exams!

Try to challenge yourself with the time management plan that you have drawn for yourself and meet the timelines. The key line remains the same, unless you are self-motivated, nothing can help you. The motivational guidelines can help those better who have some motivation or interest to study. Just hold on to yourself, maintain calm and strength and the day will come when you shall be able to add a “CA” prefix to your name. Concluding the topic, I would like to stay, live every moment as you never lived before and study every moment what you are dreaming for!


Published by

CA Neha Bhuwania
(Author & Professor)
Category Students   Report

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