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This article is addressing those who are into employer-employees relationship.

Performance appraisal- this is the event we employees keep on waiting for the whole year and finally when it really happens, we feel that this time it was not good. Next time it will be better.  This thought is good, one should always expect from oneself better and better. But, do we really expect from our self something better or feel that it is the holy duty of the employer to give us better remarks, better increment/bonus, promotion?  Why do we always feel that our employer/boss is never happy with our performance? Why don’t we receive the amount of credit for the great work which we have done for our employer? The simple answer is that we need to analyze the situation as a whole. For a good employer-employee relationship we need good employer as well as good employee, as simple as that. Then why should we curse only employers every time?

I will give you some simple techniques which will help improve your relations with your employers. Here is the list:

1. Our work is our boss:


Why do we go to workplace? Of course, to earn some money. And to earn money, we need to work. We do not go to the office/workplace just because we like the Air Conditioner over there. We want to work, really. Nature has created us in such a way that we cannot live without work. The one, who is idle, is the real unhappy person in the world. So, we thank almighty that he has given us some work/duties to be discharged by us. We should always feel that our work is our boss. If our work is satisfied to be done by us it will speak on its own for us. Do I need to clarify that our employer will also be happy if our work is perfect?  But, if we try to perform our duties with shortcuts and without putting our heart into it then it will be definitely reflected in the outcome of our work and so in our performance appraisal.


2. We are selling services:


Like every other business person, we are also selling something and earning money. We are selling our services whether knowledge based or physical activity. So like a good business person, we should also keep on taking feedback from our customers, i.e. our boss/employers.  We need not wait for this feedback till the year end. We have to always keep on communicating with our boss about our performance and if needed keep on improving. This technique will definitely not let us down at the time of final appraisal.


3. No use of short cuts:


There are some short cut techniques that are adopted by some smart employees to jump that promotion ladder. These short cuts include but are not limited to the following:

a) Flattering your boss

b) Taking credit of your juniors’ work

c) Cutting down your colleagues opinion in the meetings

d) Other’s ideas shown as your own idea

e) Not sharing your profile/activity with your colleagues, as if it is a top secret formula of national importance

f) Speak ill about everyone in the office except yourself


Do you all really think that our boss/employer will not know the intentions behind all these short cuts? Here, I specially invite all employers’ views.

Ultimately it is the work and knowledge that we show in our performance and not these techniques. Initially if we get to take the credit of other’s work, we cannot maintain the same till very long, as proving others work as ours becomes more difficult than doing some work ourselves. Then why waste time in doing such harms when they are not going to help us? Secondly, one of the most dangerous things that we do with or without having knowledge of its impact is speak ill about others. Even if we do it unconsciously then we need to realize that it is going to harm our own career instead of others. Hence, this should be immediately stopped. The one who speaks ill about his/her colleagues is seen as a negative thinker and after one point of time, people start avoiding such nuisance in the organization.


4. Win-win situation for both:


Like I mentioned earlier, we are also doing business by selling our service. So if we have all the right to think for ourselves, we have equally important duty to think about the organization/employer. We have to work in the organization as if it is owned by us. We can give various ideas and suggestions about improving profitability/ performances/reputation of the organization. A good thought about the organization’s progress is always welcomed whole heartedly even by an unhappy boss. Also we can take up new challenges of the organization and help solve them. I am sure this will add to our CV like a feather in the cap. Did I mention CV? Yes, finally it’s only we who will be benefited from our own great works.


5. Discuss your grievances directly with your boss/employer:


Last but, most important and practical thing to be noted down. Like in our personal life, we have problems and grievances in our professional life too. But do we publicize our family matters? No. Then why should we do this for our employer? We have to always keep better and clear communication with our employer. This will be helpful at the time of grievances. We can directly discuss and get them solved with our boss instead of discussing with others. After all boss is also a human being and will understand our grievances. He might feel sad if we go elsewhere with our problems. My question is to all you employers. Don’t you all feel the same? Entire employer community will agree with this. My last advice to employees is to never do injustices to your work anytime even in the case of having grievance with your employer.


6. Maintaining good relations with your employer and everyone:


Who does not know the importance of this aspect of our career? Those who know, I will not repeat the same and those who don’t know can ask their own boss/employer about their success stories. The answer will be of course maintaining good relations with our employer and everyone.


So all you hardworking people, if this year performance appraisal was not really good, think and analyze twice and be prepared for next year. All the best!!!

I will welcome all the suggestions from all of you, readers.

Published by

CA Jahanvi Trivedi
(Compliance manager)
Category Career   Report

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