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Hello Friends...!

Most of the CA students must be busy with exams these days, I met a lot of CA students here at CCI who are in PCC and going to attempt 4th or 5th time in this may, what I noticed there is that those students are frustrated by this CA course, and still finding way to overcome the pressure that they are bearing like anything. I personally contacted some of them, some of them discuss their problems and some of they dont want to even discuss upon that, may be they feel insecure.

When we are frustrated for something, then its very difficult to face people, you can find so many experience here at CCI, the students who had overcome that pressure and had proved themselves...

The reason for posting this article here in this exam season is that I want that every student can give his or her best in this may so that they can prove themselves.

Even I am giving PCC 2nd group attempt this may..and I would like to tell you my experience that I have gained in this journey till now..

When I was cleared CPT, then I got that its a great professional course and I would work so hard in this course. I joined my articleship and thereafter months were passing like a rocket and it was not so that I was losing , I was surely gaining experience in practical field, but apart from practical field, I was not studying regularly, when I gave my first attempt result was negative, my morale was down, after that I took a long leave from training and studied hard but again the result was same, then after I gave another attempt and again history repeated itself. I was unable to find my mistake that i was repeating again and again in exams, then I realized that I was doing hard work but this was only creating pressure on my mind to clear the exams, its not at all easy to study again and again all those subjects for which you prepared so well and then you got nothing in result. It was not so that I was unable to get the concept in my mind, it was only a pressure who was cutting me every time when I go for exam, negative thoughts surely come into your mind in this situation, then I released myself from pressure and gave exams and friends you will not believe this time I made that..I cleared first group and I was happy that I have got a good start now....

Why I am telling you my story..some people surely say that its boring..the reason is not that I am trying to say that I am very intelligent..reason is that I want to tell you people that a pressure situation can beat your dedication....its YOU, who can change everything around you not anybody else.

The more you thing about result, the more you will lose...

Krishan Ji ne b Geeta k updesh me kaha tha...kaam karo, fal ki icha mt kro..

Dont think about result, arey yaar result to july me aayega uske bare me abi soch rahe ho, aur exam jo may me hain unke bare me to socho,

The more you will give pressure to your mind, the more it will pressurized, just relax,

The common problem of those students who are not getting marks in exams is that when they are going to prepare for exam they started to solve each question, its not at all good for you friends...you just need to revise concepts, you cant solve all the questions..

Here are some tips to prepare for exams ...

1.       first of all revise concepts of the chapter that you are studying

2.      after that solve scanners, practice manual are the best new weapon to revise all the concepts.

3.       after that go to another chapter

4.       after revising all the chapters of a subject, refer RTP

5.       now move to another subject and revise that like the above too.

I am sure you will surely get the benefit, for theory exams, refer to my article How to secure marks for theory subjects

At last, want to tell you one thing, HARNE KE BAAD JITNE KA TASTE BAHUT ACHA HOTA HAI....and i Wish that you will also taste in upcoming result"

Remember, you are the BEST, and you just need to give your 100% best effort, when you will give your 100% effort, then only you can win this Game..



Published by

Gourav Kapoor
(CA Final Student)
Category Students   Report

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