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First of all, thank you so much CAclubindia team and respected members for the kind feedback to my articles. I have been getting so many likes, comments and private messages for my work. 

The idea of writing these articles is not to showcase my writing skills which I feel is still not even par with what you people have, but I don't want anyone to go through what I went through during the struggle phase. I understand the plight of mind during tough times which some of you might be going through. So if my articles can help you even a little bit to cope with it then my purpose will be solved.

Now let's talk about positive thinking today. People say stay positive, but what exactly does it mean? There is a thin line between being positive and being over confident. 

"I can do it" is being positive. 

"Only I can do it" is being over confident or arrogant.

When encountered with failures or tough times, you need to differentiate between these two. 

Yes, you are down and you can overcome it. This is what being confident means but respect the other people too. 

Have faith in your abilities. We have read so many stories of people who took up the challenge and probably ended up doing what others thought they couldn't. This is because they were confident about their abilities.

Have that faith, that hope, that confidence going. It will act as a light in the tunnel of darkness. You can do everything if you believe in yourself.

Positivity is being confident that you can overcome the tough times because you know how to raise your level compared to them.

We are never given the tasks which are beyond our reach. If destiny has thrown us here then it believes that we can overcome it. The driving force is that light. Feel its energy, let it burn you, let it guide you.

Understand yourself, your passion. 

As far as this course is concerned, there is always some subject which we all like. You may like DT, SFM, Law... polish that subject. Read it again and again, be confident in that and use that "Medicine Approach" for the subject you don't like much.

In the end, your passion for your favourite subject will drive your confidence and you will start to feel that positivity going. For me, my favourite were SFM, DT, C, LAW... I made sure when I was bored and didn't want to study, I used to pick one of these and really enjoyed reading them, solving those PM questions. You might like Cost, ISCA or Accounts. So understand that love for a particular subject. Make it your strength, so that when you enter the exam time, you are sure of performing well in those subjects.

Just go for the target. Feel that positivity around.


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