Overcoming the fear of Chartered Accountancy Exam and Result

Overcoming the fear of Chartered Accountancy Exams and its Results


Hi Friend’s after your huge appreciation and motivation for ma first article on “ Mindset to become a Chartered Accountant”  here I’m with another article of mine on “Overcoming the fear of Chartered Accountancy Exams and its Results”. Thanx a lot all of you for encouraging me to write more.


As you all know Chartered Accountancy exams are considered to be tough. But if u personally ask urself  u’ll say that it’s not impossible to clear it. I’m saying this with belief coz had it been impossible we would all not had joined this course. Isn’t it ?? Our joining this course ensures that we all think we have it in us to clear the CA exams. So why is the fear for Chartered Accountancy Exams and the fear for Results ??  How to overcome the fear ? My article is specially focused on how to overcome the fear of exams and results. The results will out very soon so thought this is the appropriate time to write about this.


Some of the ways by which we can avoid the fear of Chartered Accountancy Exams and Results –


·        The Mantra – I will clear CA Exams – Keep saying this to urself the mantra “I will clear CA exams” . One of ma friend’s suggested to me after reading my previous article in his comment that “I WILL” has a stronger force than “ I CAN” very true isn’t it ?? Thanx a lot to him for his suggestion. so let us all say this Mantra within ourself “ I WILL CLEAR CA EXAMS” during our preparations and while heading towards the examination hall. This will imbibe positive energy in you. Having said that one should never be complacent and over- confident this mantra will just ensure flow of positive energy within us but has to be combined with tremendous amount of hard work. It’s only the hardwork with a positive attitude that will esnure one to qualify as a “ Chartered Accountant”. Mere hard work wid low self belief or mere attitude wid no hard work is going to land us no where. So guys be confident and keep saying this mantra to urself “ I’ll clear CA Exams” combined with absolute dedication and hardwork and see success coming ur way soon ensuring one becomes a “ Chartered Accountant” soon.


·        Announce urself -  The fear of exams is one of the reasons for the low performance of students in CA exams.  Just before the exam dates one starts feeling the anxiety and fear. Why is that so ?  The anxiety of exams is obvious in any exam but why the fear ?  Believe urself  once you are through with ur part that is hard work. Once u have done the required hardwork don’t fear the exams. Tell urself if not to the world “ Tell exams that ur coming wid a positive intent rather than saying ohhhhhhhh exams are coming near” . This is what I call “ Announcing urself” to the exams.


·        Believe in ur Preparations Immediately before the exams -  Many students under perform not because they haven’t worked hard or prepared well jus because they don’t believe themselves and their preparations. I’ll jus say that immediately before the exams jus have this feeling in u that u have done ur required hardwork and ur hardwork is good enough to clear the CA exams. Jus have that belief and intent while going to the examination hall to write ur exam. This will certainly help u to overcome the exam anxiety even though not fully and u’ll be able to deliver much better in exam. Also have this mind-set immediately before the exam that what ever u have prepared is sufficient to clear the exams. As immediately before the exams u won’t have time to add new topics and learn new topics this will unnecessarily add burden and tension. All this learning and adding new topics should stop atleast 3 weeks before exam. Go with a positive mindset to write the exams thinking u have prepared well for it.


·        “NOW” is the Right Time – There are many students who have this question in their mind – when is the appropriate time to study ?? The answer is not 3 months back or one week after.The real time to start studying is “ NOW”. As one doesn’t have a time machine to go 3 months back and there is no point regretting loss of time and why wait for a week to start ?? “NOW” yes this is the right time to start. “Earlier the Better” one need not waste any further time.


·        Have that urge to be called as a “CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT” – I have already mentioned this point in ma previous article but its worth mentioning here again. One should have that all urge to be called as a “ CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT” one day it will feel good. Jus imagine urself calling , after prefixing the word “ Chartered Accountant before ur name” . Do it within urself . Call urself “Chartered Accountant followed by ur name” within urself and see how it feels . Imagine the world calling u like this one day once u qualify. Wowwwww is the feeling isn’t it ?? It may do wonders to ur confidence and will be a source of motivation and inspiration. Try doing it, trust me this will motivate u like anything.


·        “Tough times never last but tough people do- We all are professionals so ups and downs in our life are inevitable be it personal or professional life . But always remember one thing “ After every fall there will be a rise again” have that faith within. One should know how to keep the spirits high even during tough times that’s possible only if u have a positive mindframe. Always remember that “ Tough times never last but tough people do”.


·        Accept Failure Enjoy Success  - I have always believed that there is no substitute for hard work and that’s the only thing under our control. Things like difficulty level of paper, destiny, result are not to be bothered as its beyond ones control. Do the required hardwork u’ll create ur own destiny, results will be favourable and any paper will start looking easy. Now it’s the time for results in another few days I have always believed that one should not worry about it. One should always ask prior to results to self “ Have I done the required hard work for the exams ??”. If the answer is yes don’t worry about the results be it positive or negative. In case its positive thank urself first and then ur family,teachers,stars etc for ur success. If its negative even though u worked hard don’t worry assess urself and find out the reasons what went wrong work on those reasons and try even more harder. Ur hard work will pay soon and u’ll be successful soon. In case if u haven’t done the hard work at all don’t waste ur time worrying. Never regret about the past as u can’t go back and change ur past. “But Learn from ur past and make amends in the present to make ur future beautiful” . Start “NOW” yeah this is the appropriate time.  Enjoy ur success and Accept failure by learning from it and not  by regretting about it.


In few days results will be out let us jus face it whatever result comes our way. One should learn from it whatever the situation is and let us all always ensure that we are working towards a bright future by making our present count.




Prasad R

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Prasad R 
on 10 July 2010
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