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At the lunch table today, the matters in relation to the Bhopal Gas Leakage case 25 years back gave fuel to a grave discussion in my home!
The main point of discussion was the way India's requests to extradite Warren Anderson, the former chairman of Union Carbide, the company whose actions lead to the gas leakage, was blocked by USA. 

As it can be seen in this case, and many many other cases in the past, The United States of America has always been extremely protective and caring about its citizens! No American citizen is left unprotected by its country whether he is a VVIP or a common man. Unlike in India, American citizens are at utmost priority for their nation and in return their love for their country is also something to look upto.

Our mother India has been immensely nice in many many ways, but the Indian government has relatively no value for its citizens. Every other day passes by with n number of people dying innocently and ruthlessly. The population problem in our country has reduced our value in our nation and Social Security is restricted only to the privileged few!

Unfortunate, but true, the lack of love by the country for its people and the continuously reducing cost of an Indian Citizen does in some way or the other, reduce the love of the citizens for its country as well. Social security is turning out to be a huge problem in our country. No common person, whether man, woman, children or elderly is guaranteed security. The huge death tolls after each incident are talked about for a few days and then left unnoticed, not even to talk about the thousands of people who die everyday due to road accidents, murders, rape or any other incident. 

Say for instance, in the case of the Bhopal Gas Case only, about 15000 people died and the effects of the gas leakage is still to be seen in the generations being borne in the form of disability, etc. , the Courts have given their order after 25 long years of wait and for what...2 years of imprisonment!!

This is the value of life in our nation. Any VVIP can simply commit the biggest of crime and escape at ease. The role of media and the hype created by them are the only sources through which the matter may be seriously looked into by the authorities out of fear of being exposed and not out of duty and responsibility to provide justice. 

I do not write this article to criticize the working in my country. i write it as a concerned common man who wishes his country to be loved by each citizen and be proud of being an Indian. I personally love my country too much and would try and do my bit to make a positive difference in the nation! 

I also believe that no nation is perfect, but we have lived with these imperfections for far too long.. it must change, now the time has come. And The new Generation is the change that we want. Let us not take the matter lightly and forget our responsibilities as an Indian. Its our house and we must clean it on our own...what are we waiting for? 

Be the Change u want to SEE!!!

Lotsa luv

Published by

Nikita Jain
(CA, CS)
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