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Signing everywhere, signing in whatever piece of paper one could catch hold of. That is a common habit among the CA aspirants. Being once a CA student, I used to do that a lot. Used to try out different forms of signature whenever I was vouching, studying, thinking and writing. Fortunately I managed to zero in on one which is currently my OFFICIAL SIGNATURE. I admit that I haven't had the opportunity to put use of my "official" signature officially even after 1 year of my passing CA, but at least, I have one.

My CA student life was not much eventful. I was happy being a student though. I am not a writer first of all, nor am I an avid reader. You may see a lot of grammatical mistakes in my sentences (not much spelling know why). But anyway, i decided to write because I wanted to and there is nothing better I could do at this very moment in my life. I just decided to share some of my thoughts, views and experiences which I am sure will help the future interviewees.

Well I became CA at the age of 21 and on this 18th of January 2013, its the first anniversary of me being a CA, cool, right? Its always a great feeling to be a CA. The best moment in my life was the day when my CA Final results were out. My results were unexpected, to be honest. When compared to the efforts put in by my friends, some of whom who didn't pass that time, they deserved a fair result more than me.

Having said that, it doesn't mean that my passing of CA Final course was a mere fluke. I guess my "sleepless" effort and hard work during the 17 days of examinations (Nov. 1st to Nov.17th, 2011) worked for me.

There are 4 kinds of students:

First category is the one of who does everything systematically. They plan everything. They have plans for every subject, every month, every week, every day and every hour. Not only they plan, but they even execute it and follow it the core. Even 7 to 8 minutes of time allotted for toilet in their time table works for them, always!

The second category of people is good at planning and planning ONLY. Hell, they are even better planners than the first category students. But come what may, they WONT follow it. And each time they fail they redraw the plan again. Its a never ending cycle.

Now the third category doesn't have any specific plan. But they have this wonderful skill of making it on time. These people are highly talented and are only concerned about "when" rather than "how".

Finally the fourth category. They are least interested in their studies. They may or may not be brilliant, or they maybe misguided or misled. They may even be feeling that they don't belong to this CA society.

I belong to the 2nd category during my study holidays and 3rd category as the exam days approaches. But like 99% of the CA students, I also start to think about the portions to SKIP in each subject as the exam approaches. Yes, I skip portions because I don't have that "wonderful" skill normally associated with the 3rd categories.

Earlier I used to mock at people who used to write only One Group or who gave up writing the rest of exam after writing just a single paper. But once my exam days began, I personally realized the stress and strain of writing EACH of those 8 papers. Its a very tough job friends. VERY TOUGH. The pressure of scoring the magical 50 marks in each paper. The pressure of scoring atleast 60, to get an exemption, when we don't do well in the paper before. All kinds of calculations and theories will go through your mind during that 17 days. Your life depends on that 17 days.

Well tension and the pressure doesn't end for many even after the exams are over. Tension restarts from the moment, our Institute declares result's date. And the tension is further prolonged by our Institute's 'tentativeness in declaring the results. But for me, the tension of results starts from the moment i enter my roll number into the website. The tension reaches its pinnacle, when my results are loading.

Finally, that moment came for me. I saw that I passed the 1st Group and anxiously, without checking the total marks and the marks I got for each paper in 1st Group, I scrolled down to see the 2nd Group's  results. PASS. My nerves were calm for a fraction of a second. Then I screamed, not bothering about the fact that I was in one of our client's office for an audit. Luckily, at that day, my Sir was not there with us for the audit. Only my dearest friends (Sid and Gouthem) were there. And I am really glad that they were there to witness that best moment in my life. I just wanted to scream out to the world that "I am a CA". 

Mark my words, you want to become to CA for that very moment, if not for the rest of your life.

(My Next post will be about my interview experiences. You don't want to miss that. Trust me!

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Sreejith Lal
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