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Today is one more result day.For some it is fantastic day,the day they were just waiting for.Like the one who has proposed someone and the girl/boy has said yes today.Sounds funny,but it is true,isn’t it?

For many others it is like dil ke arman aasuomein bah gaye.This is not at all funny..Ask them who have not cleared for just 1-2 mark.With all respect to all these fighting spirits of these brave hearts I dedicate this article to you all and your bravery.

Dear friends,let me appreciate you guys today.I will not appreciate those who have cleared this time.Your friends, relatives, loved ones will do this for you. I will appreciate the other class.

First of all,a big hates off to you all who have chosen the most difficult course of career and shown the courage to appear for the most difficult exams.Congratulations to you for choosing such a wonderful career.Dear all,just one tag i.e. CA and the world will be yours, seriously.If not this time, then sure for the next time.

No more motivational talks are required for you guys as you already are highly motivated.I will share with you just one small poem,which I have lived in my life.

Whatever be the difficulty,do not quit

Whoever be your critics,do not quit

You are made to bring a change,

Change requires lot of power to happen

You have this power,you have this courage

So what else you need?

Do not quit!

You are travelling a long way,

And this is just a speed breaker,

You are sure you will once again come up with great speed

So what else you need?

Do not quit!

Do not let others to laugh at you

Take any challenge with great spirit

And you know you have this spirit

So what else you need?

Do not quit!

You already know your strengths and weaknesses.You will surely improve your strengths and remove weaknesses.The beauty of a CA student lies in his courage and guts.

Secondly,you have chosen such a career, which gives fruits from all angles.Have you seen a neem tree?Have you ever tried to know that a neem tree is useful entirely?We all know the goodness of neem leaves.They are taken as a medicine for various reasons.

We all know that the extracts of neem leaves are used in beauty products, it is a good blood purifier.Neem fruits can be eaten as fruit only,it is very sweet. Its sticks are used to clean our teeth; we call it datun,Indian toothbrush cum toothpaste.Further we can extract gum from the neem tree,which is useful for day to day craft work.Last but not the least;we cannot forget the shade a large neem tree gives in a hot summer afternoon.They are Natural Air conditioners with high-tech air purifiers of Indian summers.That is true.Neem leaves are air purifiers too.

But why am I telling the usefulness of neem tree?

Reason no.1: To distract your mind for some time to somewhere else. 

Reason no.2, CA course is just like neem tree.Even a student can have a bright career in his student life.We all know very well, the various types of scope for a CA or a CA student.There can be a wide variety of work available like accounts,audit,taxation,Information Technology,costing, Finance management,legal work,the list is very long.

The moral of the story is stick to the course and don’t ever think to quit.You have chosen a golden egg.

Thirdly, what thirdly, you do not have enough time to go through this motivational article any more.You have lot of hard work to do. Please leave this here and go to study.Every day is important,so no more wastage of time.I wish you all best of luck for next attempt.

You can share your comments here,I will be grateful to receive them.

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CA Jahanvi Trivedi
(Compliance manager)
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