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Approximately one month is left for exams. You all must be working very hard to succeed in the exams. But, no need to panic. "You still have time." You just need to keep a few points in your mind to avoid stress at this stage.

Just go through these points:

1) Nothing is impossible: Yes, it's true. Whether something is possible or impossible depends on your willpower and your determination. If you are determined, then one month is enough to prove yourself. Every CA student works very hard for exam preparation. What matters is how you train your mind to overcome the stress situation. So, believe in yourself and prove your worth.

2) Utilize this time effectively: The last month before exams is the most important period for all of you. Utilize this period very effectively. Avoid any kind of distractions and stay focused on your goal. No one can beat your confidence and your preparation, if you handle this time period with maturity.

3) Trust yourself: It's time to trust your preparation. If you have already completed your course and started revision, then think that you have crossed one level of your preparation and you still have to make it better by revision. And even if you have not completed your course yet, don't get depressed. Trust the preparation that you will be doing in this last month.

4) No one can help you other than you: Yes, it's a fact. Other people can give you ideas to study, can motivate you, can solve your queries. But ultimately, you can only help yourself. Help yourself by making a proper last month study plan and following it seriously.

5) Take care of your health: It's rightly said " Health is wealth ". Study and hard work requires a lot of energy which can be gained from good health. Eat healthy, stay healthy and make yourself feel better. The better you feel, the better you work to achieve your dream.

6) The last thing. Have faith in God : Say these lines, "Dear God, I have tried my best. But today, if I lose my hope. Please prove me that your plans are better than my DREAMS".

All the best :)

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