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Hello friends,

This article is for students far from CA examination due to fear of failure. I saw my friends scared of the name of CA exams. They do not appear in exams only because they might be failed. Here it is discussed what steps are required to pass CA exams and how to develop interest in your studies. I must say, only you can help yourself.

These lines are from my poem - ‘SUCCESS’ –

“Success gives heavenly pleasure on earth.

It is the result of honest efforts.”

1. Defeat the fear of failure –

Friends, it does not matter that you failed in the last examination, because you lose only one exam in the way of your life, or say, CA profession. There are many students I know who do not appear in CA exams because of fear of failure. Think yourself brave and courageous that you attempted in examination as you can. If you want to win, you have to defeat the fear of failure.

Never forget that the building of success is constructed on the base of failure. It is not always negative to fell down. After falling once or twice one can stand independently. Failure can lead us to success if we are ready to learn from it. After running away from failure and overcoming mistakes or errors you will be able to reach the destination of success.

It is well known fact that nobody is perfect human being. The things you have to emphasis upon are the mistakes you have made in the last examination and take rapid action to remove the mistakes or errors identified.

2. Be honest in efforts –

Please, note and concentrate upon a single line from the poem given above to understand the meaning of ‘Success’ – “It is the result of honest efforts.”                     

It should be clear that only efforts are not enough, Success demands honest efforts. One should be honest in his/ her efforts to achieve the success.

3. Develop Interest -

Interest is the thing that attaches you to the task on hand. So it is necessary to be creative and develop interest in the work or studies to be successful in the CA examination.

Now, the question arises – how to develop interest?

To develop interest I would suggest you to please have a look on your last examination cleared passed out. It may be CA Intermediate (PCC/IPCC) or graduation level exam. Then identify your strength and clarify your weakness by introspecting yourself.

Next step may be analyzing the atmosphere surrounding you because environment contributes a lot to your concentration as well as your success. Reading and/or writing articles related to your studies, knowledge of opportunities after qualifying CA may be helpful to create or develop interest in your studies.

3. Remain open-closed for studies -

You need to be open-closed during the period while you are preparing for CA examination. Open – closed means you should be open for your studies and the related activities and you need to be reserved or closed for friends, social media and other social activities.

On the conclusion, I would say, ‘Think yourself as a CA after the next exam.’ With this you need to have patience, believe in you and never lose self-confidence, defeat the fear of failure, develop interest, remain open-closed for studies. So, with the determination of honest efforts move forward Once again – for Success.

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