Certification course on Balance Sheet Finalisation

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Dear friends and members,

I can never tell you that nothing is impossible because the success and failure is a mental frame work. The fact that the result was low and bad and will continued to be so for the next November too..

The following are the story which was really happened.

My boss and his friend were done articlship during early 1980; both were passed the intermediate exam in the first attempt itself.

My boss was qualified as CA in 1985 but his friend can only able to clear the second group of final exam and first group is failed for want of aggregate.

 He had written again and secured exemption in one more paper of Group one. Now he require just three more paper for his qualification.

Very near to the point of success. But he cannot able to clear the remaining 3 papers within the next three attempt and lost the exemption too.

Done a lot of hard work  and tried his level best but failed. But this person were not willing to leave the CA course as the passion to become a Chartered Accountant.

 Started a small account Office and  got very low income as he is the only male son of the family so the duty to take the old parents and wife were on his shoulders.

 Attended the coaching classes in Chennai twice, even if he had failed.  After 20 years waiting during the year 2006, he qualified and become a Chartered Accountant.

What  is your state of mind if you had failed in first  or second time? Too horrible , you will lose all the confidence with  and quit the CA course.

There are certain situation, you may be failed even if your good and hard effort and this will ultimately lose your focus and you may become mad or commit suicide.

 Now unfortunately external reason of industrial demand.  The economic condition were dynamic and will change the boom level also. But never give up the Chartered Accountancy course even if you had failed this attempt or immediately  previous attempt. Some time you need to suffer such a high degree of pain to reach your ultimate goal.

The third rank holder his name is Archit Atul bai Shah had failed at least 5 subject before and secured All  India 3rd Rank. What it indicate? Purely his willingness. There is a popular saying that is there is will there is a way. Understand the reason for failure and made an action plan for securing the Rank. Amazing effort.  So forget about the failure and understand the reason for the failure and make an action plan for clearing next November exam immediate. (Please refer the Role Number of Atul 00104)

The success or failure purely depends upon your passion. First lesson is never ever Give up. Try to understand the reason for failure. Third come out with a good action plan for securing success in the coming November attempt. Even if you failed, try hard the ultimate success will be on you only


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