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These 3 words NEVER GIVE UP seems to be very common to us as since our childhood, we are listening to the same  from our parents, teachers and friends but after a failure these three words becomes the sense of motivation in the lives of almost all of us.

Let me explain the same thing with the example of someone who is very close to me:

He is my childhood friend and I am not having any doubt in saying this thing that I know him since my birth. We lived under the same shed, we eat at the same place, we played together, studied together and grew together. A Child of a Car Mechanic who was average in the studies and With the utmost struggle he can do in studies or I can say with his full potential, he could only reached upto 80-82% maximum and that’s too was difficult for him. Achieving more than 80% was like a gift from the God.

As he grew older, the marks started decreasing.

In 10th Boards, he secured around 76% and in +2 Boards, he secured around 70% and these were more than enough for him. As he was from very small family, parents were not much literate and therefore, there expectations were not so big from him. They were happy with his 70’s because in their school times, they went from very difficult times and therefore couldn’t study. They struggled a lot to make his life easy and ultimately when they saw their child cleared the Higher Secondary Examinations, marks didn’t matter to them.

He got admission in Good reputed College in chandigarh and he started his B.Com. with the lots of enjoyment and fun he had in the college, he cleared his B.Com 1. It was the time to think for the future too and there he decided to pursue CA along with the studies. He was unaware about this course but as people used to say about CA, he was also impressed. The thing that made him impressed was A LOW COST COURSE WITH THE GOOD RETURNS AT THE END. Obviously, if you ask a child of a middle class family regarding his future dreams, he will simply say that he wants to earn a lot of money for his parents. The same feeling was running in his blood. He started the course and appeared for CPT (Foundation) and cleared in his 1st go.

It was the celebration time for him and his own family and with the high sense of energy he immediately registered himself for IPCC and joined the coaching classes because somewhere he got the wings to make his dreams true.

Since very beginning, he was working very hard, studied day and night and eagerly waiting for the exams.

It was May 2013 and his 1st attempt and from his side everything was ready to go. He appeared in the exams and with the quite nervousness he was sure for his result to be Pass. Between the gap of 2 month of exams and results, he came to know about the National Conventions conducted by the institute and by chance he got the opportunity to present himself at the national platform. And now let me tell you thing, my friend never stood upon the stage earlier. For him, giving the speech on the stage was not less than any war between India & Pakistan where he was leading from the side of India. But Somehow he managed.

Time has passed and it was 31st july 2013, The Result Day…………………..he entered his Roll No. and immediately after he pressed the ENTER, the result was in front of his eyes and it was  big FAIL.

He didn’t believed and rechecked 2-3 times but for him it as the 1st time but for others it was not…..almost all his friends cleared and they changed the way.  He cried a lot and a very depressed. Immediately after that day, he got the email from Surat branch of ICAI that he has selected for delivering a speech on Technical topic in the national convention at Surat. He was confused and decided not to go there but then his father made him realized that he should not miss this opportunity and so he went.

But after that when he again has to think of IPCC, he was left up with the 2 options: Either to Quit or to Proceed with double efforts.

Here, something got changed……………………

The efforts were more than he ever did but still again defeated in the next attempt.

Along with the studies, he started writing articles on the technical topics and whenever he got the opportunity he went and delivered various speeches. The journey of IPCC was on the way and he cleared his Group 1 in his 3rd attempt. Now he was busy in his articleship.

Within the span of this time i.e. May 2013 to May 2015 a lot of things got changed which might not be happened if he could clear his Ipcc in his 1st attempt. Here are the changes:

  • He started writing on Technical Topics including all the subjects of Chartered Accountancy and till that time he wrote more than 20 articles and posted on various websites.
  • These articles were referred by many CA’s and other Professionals and he started providing Free Consultancy to the professionals majority of including Chartered Accountants and for a student this is something very big thing.
  • He got 3 Job offers but he didn’t accept the same because he wants to be a CA first.
  • In the year 2015 at the age of 21, he authored his 1st book “Important Pillars of Chartered Accountancy”
  • In the Year 2016, he authored his 2nd Professional Book “An Insight into the Tax Audit”.
  • Till Dec 2015, he already deliver speeches at 8 National Conventions organized by ICAI and achieved awards also.
  • He is available on Google too and that’s only because of articles he was posting on various websites. No specific effort he did to come on google.

And one thing to mention, he still have to clear his IPCC group 2.  But still he is fully charged, motivated and positive and main reason behind that positivity is that loneliness which is must to analyze ourselves. His friends cleared and he was alone and he was out of the crowd and that’s why he performed so well. And he is sure he will be a CA very soon.

And that HE (Childhood Friend) is Me only i.e. Atul Khurana. As I don’t want to use “I” everywhere, so I tried to explain the same with the help of a story.

Ultimately, I want to say one thing: Everything happens for a reason, Be Positive, Just be out of the Crowd. You are awesome. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Never Think of Quitting CA.

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