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Friends, many of you must have heard “NEVER GIVE UP, UNTILL YOU DIE” or else “NEVER GIVE UP, UNLESS YOU SUCCEED” or something like “TRY, TRY, and TRY BUT DON’T CRY” or even “A PERSON WINS only when HE TRIES” or finally “LOSERS GIVE UP EASILY”.


Our elders do use such terminologies often, as they consider that they have seen more life than us. Not just they, our teachers also, in our schools used to say that one should keep on trying, because a person becomes successful only when he tries. Not just them, our leaders also or the great people, the world has seen so far, left this message of trying again and again but not to give up.


So, let me take this opportunity and ask all of you, what exactly does “GIVE UP” means? Does this terminology has definite meaning? Anyways, you guessed it correct; this article is going to get discussed on this topic only, so let’s begin with.



What is “TO GIVE UP”


As such I don’t think so one can define this sentence, it has got extensive meaning and that’s why I think I need to illustrate one example to have better understanding regarding this term.



EXAMPLE – A Completely closed room


Let say, there is a class room or a conference room with one door only. Now, that room is filled with the students and suddenly someone locks that only door from outside. What will be the scenario? What will happen to those students who were sitting inside? Will they able to come out, unless that door is opened by someone? Obviously no, unless and until that door is opened, no student, sitting inside, can come out of that room. So, can we say that all the students are stucked or caged in that room and it is not possible for them to come out now?


Now, this is what we term as “GIVING UP”.


Friends, whenever any one of us thinks of giving up, that very moment we assure closure of our brain. No new ideas or new thought processes can come out of our brain now. Because of that no new actions can be actually performed.


Because the door was closed, no students can come out of the room, and may be after some days, one by one every student dies due to lack of oxygen or food inside the room. No one can survive longer without food and water.


Similarly, every new idea or new action, if not performed on time or not utilized on time vanishes from our mind. And may be, who knows, we stop thinking new options itself, and so we always give up so easily.





So, I hope everyone got the meaning of “giving up”. I don’t say that giving up is a bad quality of a person, but giving up without even trying to achieve something is not a good quality for sure. I believe, NOT GIVING UP DOES NOT ASSURES YOUR SUCCESS OR WIN ALL THE TIME, BUT GIVING UP ALWAYS GAURANTEE YOUR FAILURE AND LOSS.


Many a times, some of us are so frustrated with not getting the solution of any sum or not finding answer to our question that we forgive that not everything can be acquired in very first attempt itself. Here, I’m not going to tell anyone that what should be done and what not, but to remark or direct the attention of some of you towards the advantages of not giving up.


I can say that DISADVANTAGES OF GIVING UP, but because disadvantage is represents negativity, I would satisfy myself with ADVANTAGES OF NOT GIVING UP. And now please don’t tell me that even NOT GIVING UP has a negative word “NOT”, it’s just a word representing negation with a positive approach.


Anyways, let us get back to our main matter, why one should not think of giving up at any point of a time.





1. Life is too long, everything on this earth is possible :


I think everyone is going to live a long and healthy life. No one thinks that once he/she clears CA, he/she will die or after getting the job or getting into practice, one will die. So, our life is really long, and hence if something is not possible now, there are chances that it will be possible in future.


Many students suicide when they fail, some of them kill themselves even before the results as they fear of failing. I just don’t understand how can anyone end his/her own life, I mean what else can be so precious to any person apart from the life, gifted by god?


It is not at all ethical to consider any failure as end of one’s life. God has given this life to us, so let him only decide when to end it, and till he (God) take’s his decision of ending of our life, we should try once again to get success. It’s as simple as that.


So, wait for the correct time to achieve something, failure in present does not represent failure always. It is possible to succeed in future if one tries his/her best.


2. Be Practical :


One needs to accept that not everything is achievable easily or in the very first attempt itself. If someone believes that he/she can acquire everything without making efforts than that person needs to change his/her view. It is not possible for anyone to get everything by moving his magic stick, not even for HARRY POTTER, otherwise it would not have led to 7 parts.


Ok, for making it simple, let me say, every one of us has played video game at any point of time in our lives? Can you tell me, do we clear the game or reach FINAL stage in our very first attempt? I remembered, whenever I used to get new game, I used to have atleast 3-4 attempts to clear even the first stage, for e.g. MARIO, I took 4 trials to clear its first stage.


So, when one cannot clear a virtual game in his/her first attempt, then real life difficulties are far difficult than those games. Then, how can one assume to achieve everything in life in very first time. This is completely unreal and impractical.


3. Improve yourself :


Yes this is something I consider the major drawback of giving up. A person, who gives up can never improve his disqualifications in life. Reason is very obvious, a person who gives up want to diversify his mind but not to overcome the problem he’s facing. Because, if anyone really wants to solve or sort out something, he needs to bring change in his own methods first, because conditions at every trial remains same (one can consider here that video game example, hurdles remain same, we just improve our confidence and concentration to clear any particular stage).


We can take example of any CA FINAL STUDENT. Let say, if any boy fails twice in CA FINAL and is disappointed, he may think of giving up and quit CA. But this is wrong, as he is thinking of leaving CA without analyzing his faults properly. He was suppose to improve or bring in change in his methods of preparing subjects and appearing for exams. And if he finally leaves CA, trust me friends, he can never grow, as he’s not ready to change himself alongwith the situations.


So, the conditions at every trial are going to remain the same, if something is to be changed or improved, than it has to be on our own side. We cannot assume difficulties to settle down. Even sachin tendulkar, when was not in his real form, relaxed and gave a thought that where he was going wrong. He practiced more & more, when everyone else was getting rest, this person was practicing his batting, and now how he’s performing, everyone knows.


4. Believe in whatever you are doing :


Another drawback persisting in many of us. We are not confident of what we are doing, keep rest of people aside, we ourselves are not confident. Being an overconfident is not good, but not being a SELF – CONFIDENT is equally bad. How can I do well in my job or activities, if I don’t trust myself only?


Here I would like to give an example of a doctor operating his patient. Suppose a doctor, in operation room is operating a patient. Now, if he’s not confident that the operation will be successful or not, than how can he conduct that operation. In this such situation, he’s ought to make mistake undoubtedly.


If I’m not confident myself that I can speak in public, than it is very obvious that I’ll feel nervous in public speaking and also fumble while communicating my message. And if I don’t overcome this problem, than what is worth of being a person?


It is necessary that one should believe in his/herself to succeed, because than and than only he can never give up. Otherwise, if he/she has no confidence on his/her own, then that person will easily give up, that’s very obvious.


5. Prove yourself and not to others :


Friends, not giving up is to prove ourself and not to others. People are always going to criticize you, whether you do good or bad. So, if someone wants to impress anyone else and prove that he/she can do anything, then that person is definitely making a big mistake. Because it is not possible to satisfy everyone by your acts, that means one or the other person is going to oppose your any damn achievements.


Here I would like to mention my own example. Many friends of mine told me that CCI is not a platform to reach anywhere. Here all the selected people can perform well and not any normal student, but I did, because I wanted to do it. Not to prove my friends, but to prove myself, if anyone else can than I can do it definitely. So far, none of those criticizing friends of mine know that I’ve been considered as an expert and reached the top 30 members here. And trust me, I’m not even bothered for them, my target has been achieved by me and I do have lot of respect for me, that is more than enough to survive.


So, whosoever tries to prove something to others, tend to make mistakes and fails again & again and finally looses hope of success. But a person, who really wants to prove anything to himself, he keeps on trying to achieve that milestone and one day succeeds.





So, I do believe that giving up always a sign of failure and not a passion. But yes, if someone wants to give up some bad habits like smoking, then that is valid and always appreciated.


Moreover, keep on trying means, working sensible and going into correct direction. For e.g. if someone does not understand ACCOUNTANCY and also not interested in it, wants to clear CPT, but fails again and again, than such person needs to quit. I mean, when it’s not his passion or not his interest as well to do CA, the better option is to quit after a number of attempts in CPT.


Hence, if you are really passionate for something and want to achieve it by hook or crook, than you need to put on hard work for the same, have patience and intellect alongwith. And if you realize that you don’t want something and you are wasting your time on acquiring the same, than it is better to quit.


Loving an unmarried person and trying to impress that person is always good, but wasting time behind a person who’s already married and happy in his/her life with his/her own family is a stupid.



EXAMPLES – Great Achievers I consider


Friends, actually I’m running short of time, so would try to finish this all as soon as possible. Here are some great personalities who faced various problems in their lives, but they never gave up rather they stood up and fought back.


AMITABH BHACHAN : Everyone know his initial career was flop. First 7 movies are the super flops. After that even he worked hard, never gave up and remained in bollywood only. Moreover in 80’s he entered in politics and was thrashed out like something. Not just this in 90’s his ABCL Corporation almost went into liquidation. But everytime he remained still and overcame every major hindrance in his life.


MOHAMMAD ALI : The world famous boxer. If someone has seen his matches, then one will notice that everytime he gets a punch and if he falls down, the very next moment he just gets up and fight back so well that he wins the game. Even he’s a boxer like anyone else, but what makes him different is not to give up whenever he gets beaten, rather rises and fights back, which is not done so often by any other boxer.


THOMAS EDISON : He had more than 1000 unsuccessful attempts before inventing a light bulb. Just try to imagine the level of his patience and passion for inventing a bulb. That to in that era, where there was no google or internet from where you can easily reach any information or formulas you need.


WALT DISNEY : He was fired by a newspaper editor, considering that walt was lacking imagination and had no good ideas. Would anyone believe this? And just look at him and what he’s imagined. It created the history.


OUR LEADERS : Some of our idols, whom we consider as our leaders, too faced various difficulties, but they never gave up. You just think of any leader and say that whether he faced any problem or not? If yes, then consider the fact that he never gave up, fought bravely and so we consider them as our leader.


For e.g. Dhirubhai Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Sardar Patel, Ratan Tata, Narendra Modi, etc.


The moment you consider any of your leaders, you will realize that they too had tough time to reach the level they have reached. They could reach because they never gave up.


Thank you for bearing my another article. Hope it helps atleast one person in his/her life. God bless each one of us.








 As usual, I would say that the ideas or thoughts mentioned here are purely mine. So if someone disagrees with these suggestions, I can’t help it. Because these tips are very subjective, they differ from person to person and situation to situation. I’ve written what I felt correct, someone may have different ideas for giving up or not to give up.


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