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What if I tell you that "Never be comfortable in your life".

I know people say that ultimate goal of life is happiness. But from where does this happiness come from?

Happiness comes from the growth and you can't grow if you are comfortable.

Yesterday one of my colleagues said to me, "You know I want to quit this job, but I am now comfortable with the environment here, so I can't".

So that comfortability hindered his decision making.

Coming to myself now, I won't have been able to complete my CA, had I been comfortable with my job or believed in the people who said that you won't be able to do it.

Take that risk to get out of your comfort zone. If you want something then you will have to take that call.

You just can't sit and procrastinate about what you had done or what you want to do,

If you want to see the view from top then you will have to take a call to climb that path; you will have to get out of your comfort zones.

Life is about constant learning and growing. So an effort should be made everyday.

Many of you think that you would do this chapter or start your preparations after this time or when the time will be right or when the winters will be over. Do you think that time is waiting for you too? Time will never be right, you will have to make an effort. Get out of this zone and just go for it.

Many businessmen wouldn't have earned this much had they been satisfied with what they had.

Today we see development in technology, infrastructure and its because of those relentless souls who were not satisfied with what they had. 

Its that inner pursuit towards growth.

You can cry on your failure, you can be sad over it, but never make sadness your home. Just think about it and act the way you think can get you out of this.

The goal is not over once you become CA. You should be willing to learn and grow after this too. Learn how to apply what you studied, learn how to tackle your team, learn how to grow your opportunities.

Growth can be in your behavioural aspect or career aspect, but life is about this only.

Die in peace but live with a soul on fire. 

Do you remember a single person who lived happily? You always remember the achievers because they were or they are or they will be relentless souls who didn't get satisfied with what they had.

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