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You prepared for the examination with all your might, you gave it your best shot  despite so many ups and downs, so many obstacles, whether it was that last minute discussion at the office for leaves, whether all those late night study schedules or going to the exam when you are unable to cover all the topics . The exam papers, as always were not very predictable, but they were never expected to be predictable. All that you can be sure right now is, that your papers have been checked by now, not once but maybe twice or even thrice, the number have been given for individual papers, accumulated for all the papers, and reviewed by the institute to prepare YOUR final results. 

All this is something that has already happened, and howsoever you may want, this is something which would not change. But honestly, getting nervous is normal, but the bigger question is, is it doing any good to you? The answer is obviously, no it doesn't do any good. It only creates anxiety for you, your loved ones and by no means, would be able to change your results.

Here are a few things that you may like to do, to ease yourself out : - 

Prepare yourself for the result : - 

In CA, the odds in the favour of succeeding are less than the odds against succeeding. Success is the best thing that happens to anyone, but some of the best lessons in life are learnt through failures. So irrespective, of which side you land up, you should prepare to move forward. Whether is the next level of CA exam, whether it's a search for a job, or in the unfortunate circumstance, preparing again, each one of them would require substantial efforts. Save your energies, for these. 

Answer for yourself - What is the worst that can happen? 

Of the three scenarios I discussed, only one is against you. And even if that happens, life goes on. The good thing is, you can still catch up and therefore you should prepare for that. 

Forget thinking, what people think about you 

Those who really know what CA is all about, understand that failure is a very well accepted part of CA. Those who don't know what CA  is all about, in any case, their opinion doesn't matter. So why should you even bother what people think? 

Spend time with School Friends 

If you are still lucky to be in the City where your school friends (non-CA aspirants) are there, spend a lot of time with them. It's amazing, how many of the so difficult things become irrelevant when you are with your school friends. 


Smile doesn't cost a penny but can be invaluable in removing nervousness. 

I wish this article may help you to ease of that nervousness. If it does, even if at a very minute level, do you leave your comments, so that everyone else can get benefited.

All the very best for your exams. 

Success is not only an outcome of efforts and luck but also of attitude that never gives up. 

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Published by

Arinjay Jain
(CA Practise and Educationist)
Category Students   Report

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