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Narrowing others… making broad to himself


I feel proud that I born and brought up in the great India and feeling majestic that I am an Indian Chartered Accountant.

Today every person wants to become broad and to make his/her children capable to compete in the world. For this they are sending their children to English Medium School and even sending them for study outside India and our government and our Society accepting foreigners as workers, employees, employers, visitors, tourist and learners also.

Our parents are sending us outside India for better job opportunities and we are doing much better then other nationals. Like Sunita Williams did a great job.

This all is not started today, we are following it from the ancient Satyuga , where our veda has methodology of “Vashudhev Kutumbkam”.

But everyday we are reading newspaper, seeing tele-news that some persons protesting this day, some persons protesting that day, some persons protesting to keep Hindi, some persons protesting to keep Marathi.

If someone wants to protest why don’t he start from himself, why don’t he put his children out of the English school, he can’t… because he know that this is not good for his family.

Now I want to say about the “Love Day”. Is there any person who wants, the word “PYAR”, out from the “Hindi Sabdmala”. If any one who want that then definitely he does not love his Parents, his child, our country and even our deities like Krishna.

Now, no festival is the property of any religion, so every person can celebrate any lovely festival, like tourists are coming in India to celebrate Diwali, Holi, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, and many other Indian festivals and even they are celebrating in their own country also.

Who is the person who does not want to see his son becoming as Bill Gates or CEO of a Multi-National Company.

In fact we are the person who are running as a robot only, if a leader says that fire the bus, we are firing, if he says do bomb blast we are doing. Is this not a terrorism to which we are criticizing regularly if it is done by some organizations like ISI ?

We are wasting our strength in this type of activities but not in controlling LALFITASAHI, not in stopping bribes, not in barricading dowry, not in choosing right person as a leader, not in saving lives, not in saving nature, not in saving history, not in saving professionalism.

I know that I’m not a writer and can’t right a good article. I also know that it may hurt someone’s feeling as in my earlier forum message. I really feel sorry if it anguished you.


“Being a person is important before being a religious person…”


Express gratitude for keeping patience while reading my article.


Ðashrath Maheshwarí

Published by

CA. Dashrath Maheshwari
Category Others   Report

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