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Our FM is expected to deliver his budget speech – the regular annual phenomenon. However it will fall short again of curbing the Black Economy – the biggest culprit of all evils.

It is my strong view-point that this country only needs correction in one aspect and that is curbing the BLACK MONEY. Just by solving this problem – all the evils will automatically perish – and the beauty of this step would be – ‘NO INCREASE IN ANY TAX RATE’

So my dear FM – please try and work out a solution – irrespective of any Political upheaval, any political objection and work for this country. Take the helkp of Mr Nandan Nilekhani and put every other document – identification, transaction trail on the system.... And that remains the biggest task which this Budget should endeavour to do.

With black Economy coming into the system – everything falls in place – our Fiscal Deficit as a percentage of GDP automatically drops without any absolute reduction. Our Governments starts getting proper tax revenue. Our economy overnight becomes one of the largest. Our Rupee improves in value (most of the black money is transferred outside which puts pressure on Rupee value)...

Dear Sir – Our country is fully equipped with ample amount of natural resources – it is a GOD’s country with perfect environment for agricultural produce that despite having feeding a Population of 1.3billion people – we are able to export this produce. We are culturally very advanced. We don’t need outside support. We only need the correction within.The budget should have just ONE POINT program – Eradicate BLACK MONEY


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