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Dear friends,

I have been greatly encouraged by the comments you have given to my first article which has been motivating me to submit more of such articles. As my first article was about the profession, this time I have planned to concentrate a little deeper into the profession. I am writing this article based on the toughest part of our course which many think is very easy to move about with and that is “Our Articleship”.

Friends, am also an articled assistant and I’ll be completing my articleship training in a few more months. In the past 3 and ½ years of my journey being an articled assistant, I hope I have had enough experience, to share a few thoughts about these 3 years of training, with all of my dear friends at CA Club India.

I joined CA immediately after I had completed my senior secondary level exams (+2).  Blindly I ventured into this course after having heard a good set of encouraging words from my relatives, some of whom are also CAs. Cleared CPT in the first attempt which was on June, which I still don’t know how it happened. Very happily I proceeded forwards to start my articleship training. Unlike some of my friends who also passed out with me, I didn’t have to walk in and out of a hundred offices asking for vacancies. My dad was an accountant at a multinational company. One fine morning he took me to an auditors’ office where dad used to visit very frequently. Dad told me, they were the auditors at his office also. I also got very happy and even more, anxious to get in for an interview with the sir at that office. After waiting for a few minutes at the reception, we were both called in. That person inside the room seemed to look very odd and that inturn caused me to be tensed. He started off with asking my name, where I was staying etc.. Then I gave my marklists to him. He seemed to be convinced with all those. He then said, there are 2 other managers at the office and I should meet them also and then join office by next week. My happiness increased further.. I met those managers who were indeed very odd and started to frighten me saying that working at that office was very tedious and I would have to travel outstations and also stay out for long. At that time I felt these are all childs play and shook my head with happiness.

The day came when I had to join the office. I called the partner in the morning to confirm whether I can join today or not. To this, he immediately gave me an address and asked me to leave to that place and to wait at the entrance where I would meet a person who would be my senior at “that client office”. I was just surprised to hear that I have got my first assignment on the very first day of joining the office.

From this day it all started and till now I have audited the accounts of over 15-17 companies and have finalized the audits of nearly 12 of them. Now as am writing this article, I have become a field senior at the office and work pressure has come down to a great extent. Please friends, do not think that am boasting off myself. At this point, now, after my 3 and ¼ years of articleship training, am way different from how I was, at the time of joining for articleship. Now I have come to a level of understanding, where I have understood what accountancy really means and that preparing a financial statement alone is not accountancy. There are many things to be considered other than these, like passing an entry, rectifying errors, etc. Thanks to my seniors, now I also feel secure in handling accounting softwares like Tally and have also gained enough knowledge about MS Office.

Therefore friends my sole intention from this article is that, everyone should understand what articleship training is. And it is not a childs play. It has to be taken seriously. Please do remember that articleship training is as important as your studies are. They help us to gain practical knowledge of all what we studied in theory, whether it be accounts or tax or audit, or law, or IT. Ofcourse the period under articleship is indeed a little miserable. But again we have to remember no pain, no gain. Once we have finished our articleship, it is as if we have attained an expert level knowledge in the field of accounts, tax, etc. Last but not least---

From Morning to Evening,

Roaming around the city with files,

Moving from “terrific” clients to “horrible” clients

Irritating Audits, Frustrating Late Hours…

Others call it articleship.

We call it “LIFE”…………………………………………

Thank You…

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Anish Lakshman S
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