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Okay, I am writing this for the first time don't know what to write but just thought to share my journey with you all. I have not read this after writing

With no plan to enter into CA course I become CA isn't it funny but that's how my journey began, instead of 12th my journey began little late at the end of S Y B.Com and guess what flunked in the first attempt of CPT and I thought CA is not my cup of tea and I quit but it was destiny to again re-enter into this course.

Ok after getting clear CPT @119 marks was excited for IPCC but again without problems your journey is incomplete, it was my TY exam and only 20 days left for IPCC group 1 

But still somehow manage to prepare for it. Wow what an attempt it was, first paper accounts ohh my favourite I remember that day when I got paper 15 minutes before I realized that CA is not my cup of tea and decided to leave and not to write the paper but the second thought came was let's try it even the last result is fail, after completion of all the four paper I realized that I won't be able to get it clear and I started preparing for it again for IPCC before the result and as usual the turn around of life and I got it clear with exact 200 on result. Wow what a day it was  And then the next journey was awaiting  after clearing group 1,yes correctly guessed articleship. (Not worth to discuss)

CA final wow sounds great but comes with lots of expectations and obstacles, how can I forget my first attempt, after completion of classes  less than 2 months was there in my hand and guess what I have decided to go for both the group (one of the worst decision) without any planning, expert says: "if you fail to planning, you planning for fail"

And that's correct. And guess what it was the subject i have studied for hour an hour, for day and night and as a gift it has offered me lesser marks of my life,how can forget that number "16" it was, never ever expected such low marks; any guess about subject My God that is out of my head and hand and the culprit was SFM, I know many of reader love this subject but for me it was equivalent to ISCA. All the excitement went into well and by the time it was second attempt waiting for me, this time with little bit planning I have decide to go for only one  Group and that to my favourite group 1 ,I started studying, but but your CA journey is incomplete without your friends, a very good friend of mine convinced me for both the group, I have prepared and planned well and with all the positive energy I have given all the 8 papers, it was results day and when your luck sucks nothing works Nd guess what I got 47 in FR,48 in SFM (wow for me),49 in Audit and 50 in Law that comes to 194 ,my goodness I was like shit, this should have not happened but boss it's CA, not so easy to get.

So what great things doesn't come without hard work unless your luck works. So time for third one (you never expect from yourself that you will get more than a attempt for me it was like yaar first attempt Mai ho jauga clear), this time destiny was in mood of doing something toofani (like iske Saath aaj kuch tufani karte hai) so it brought me in a situation where I couldn't appear for exam and unfortunately I didn't attempt that exam, Shit how your life change yaar from 1st attempt to 4th attempt never ever expected. This time with six months in hand I have decided to go for it, and with slowly and steadily started preparing, but but but again a twist was waiting for me this time in words of babubhai "Ladki Ka chakkar" ohh no I have wasted and it wasn't worth for me to waste it (it was like bandi bhi gai and attempt bhi gai). And now what "QUIT" is not there in my blood so with all the Josh and I hosh decided to go for fifth one,with 3.5 in my hand I was in a post to go for both the group's and was excited for this attempt as I have given my best for this one. And after completion of all paper was in a position to clear it, it was the unforgettable day of my life, with 67 in DT and 67 in IDT I was flying in sky but 35 in ISCA Ind 36 in costing brought back me on earth, was not able to understand that to cry or to be happy like I was expecting to get it clear, had I got 40 each in costing and ISCA I would have been CA in that attempt only because 190 was there in group 1. Arey boss now what, everyone was happy that I have scored exemption in DT and IDT but I was sad, bad day it was difficult to come out during such worst situation you need your family support and I am happy that my family was there with me.

So with the excitement of exemption I started preparing for the fifth one OMG who would have ever thought that it will take so much attempt Nd went for only 2 subjects left in group 2 due to leave issues and got it clear with 50+ in both the subject. And now last one with all the excitement of getting clear without any problems and obstacles,  Nd finally the day come when that beautiful prefix enter into my life CA. Wow what a day it was, what a feeling, what a relief WOW. You remember the culprit of first attempt yes SFM this time with no expectations but with hard work it was "76" highest amongst all the 8 subjects.

The journey from 16 to 76 was beautiful with all the problems and obstacles

What I have learned in my journey is

1) Have patience
2) You have to prepare yourself for worst in order to get best
3) You will always be surrounded by negative people, it's you who have to be positive 
Last but not least " Don't quit"

I hope you like it.

The author can also be reached at hasmukhkothari@yahoo.com


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Hasmukh Kothari
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