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We all have to die, but what if I say that we are dying everyday.

When we study, we have always one thing in mind; what if I fail? The time between exams and results is the toughest when every moment a thought of failure grips us. A fear of failure, a fear of results.

When we pass the exam, the next fear is of being unemployed. When we get the job, the next fear is of getting stuck there and not getting the adequate growth.

But have you ever thought what is the reason of this fear? Why are we constantly dying?

The answer is ignorance. 

When we were kids, moon was a big thing for us and stars were little things. When we grew up and read about it, we came to know that whose bigger. Our ignorance made the moon bigger than the stars.

When an illiterate person sees a black cat crossing the road, that person turns back, even if that person meets with the accident going backward only.

When we open a book, we fear what if nothing comes in exam out of this. The solution is just to read the book first. You will learn something out of it for sure, its better than not reading at all.

Believe you can and eventually you will.

My biggest fear was ISCA, it always used to spoil my result. When I look back I think I would have easily cleared CA in 1-2 attempts had someone taught me that ISCA is just a subject, you have to take it easy, study it again and again, get that ignorance, that fear out of your mind.

Only our practice, our confidence can fight with this fear. 

Fear kills half of our chances even before we sit in the exam. I can give you an example how my hands used to tremble and palms get sweaty while taking this ISCA exam. It had spoiled my results earlier, so the first thought that used to surface in my mind was that I am gonna fail again.

It's about practice that fights it. I have seen people who cleared CA because they didn't have fear about the results. Only thing they had in their minds was "I have faith in my preparations and I am confident that I will clear it".

We all know what our end is going to be. Everyone of us is going to die, but why are we letting this fear to kill us every second?

Practice and prepare hard, overcome this fear. You are good and you belong to this stage. Believe in yourself and don't do the mistake which I did. It took me a while to understand it.

Fear grips us everywhere. It's that darkness which can only be fought with confidence. Show this fear that light of your confidence can erase it and this confidence can only be achieved by practicing day in and day out; by not fearing about the results or what people are going to say but by just improving yourself.

Just get that fear out of your mind.


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CA Anurag Sharma
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