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Dear friends, I hope you all are fine. After writing Mr. Success and Mr. Failure I had a kind of strange feeling that I haven’t conveyed the entire message which I really wanted to share with you and now I have decided to overcome my strange feeling by telling you the continuation of that story with the entire message (As I always suggest, readers please have patience and read the entire story to get the message) ( persy is perseverance and fa is failure).

For new friends cum readers who haven’t read my first part, I will summarize it here, my first story was about Mr. Success and Mr. Failure who lived in heaven and had the whole control of human’s success and failure..In this story failure tells the beauty of his work to success.

And after that my new story begins.

It was a cool evening in the world; failure was keenly doing his job by flowing through cricket stadiums, football, tennis stadium, education institution, training centers etc. It was a hectic day to him and finally he landed in heaven completing his jobs, he was proceeding to his house and suddenly he received an msg (a mental note) from success, calling him to his magnificent house in snowy mountains of heaven, to a little tea party with his friends..

Failure loved this type of tea party he sprang up and flied to the snowy mountains. He landed in front of the house, the door was opened by Mr. Success who was looking tall and more handsome than the last time failure saw him and standing in front of the door greeting him.

Finally fa(failure), you made it we thought you won’t be coming. Said success.

Oh no I love these types of parties, so who else is here: asked failure.

Everyone of our division competitive pain, perseverance, hard work, experience and all: said success.

Hi every one good day: greeted failure.

Hi fa: said all others in a chorus.

Failure sat in a long wooden armchair near the fire place. Success came and sat near him.

So how was the day? asked success.

Terrible just caused a lot of disappointment to a lot of people, with the world becoming too much competitive it’s a lot difficult to work, everyone requires me everywhere for many reasons. Said failure.

I think you must consider retirement and let a lot more young people to choose your seat next said success consolingly.

Well yeah I think the time is nearing to take a retirement said failure.

Just then perseverance(female personal) came and sat near failure.

You look quiet charming today Persy (perseverance’s nick name) failure greeted perseverance.

Oh thank you: said perseverance blushing.

What are you guys talking about: she asked.

We were talking about the complications of our works persy: said success.

Oh yeah even I have lot problems in my work: said Persy.

Everyone in this room has a lot of problems with work dear let’s talk about something else the whole work mania makes me feel tired: said failure.

Hmm but I think few of my problems are because of you dear fa said persy.

Because of me?!!! Asked failure

Yes I think few problems of mine are because of (no offence) your temporary defeat concept, it provides a lot of headache to my job, I cant keep people working consistently, they give up as soon as you shows up two or three times: said perseverance accusingly.

My dear persy all I do is to get them far up in their work, mental strength and evolution and if you haven’t noticed god is every happy with my work and even success aren’t you success: asked failure proudly.

Ya sure: said success.

Ya but still it brings a few problems to us: said persy.

Who doesn’t have problems dear the more best the idea, the more complicated it is to achieve: said failure slightly starting to boast, success feared it was not right signal.

If you havent noticed persy it was my temporary defeat that made a great leap in human civilization the birth of electricity through Edison: said failure again.

But that doesn’t make, that you and your temporary defeat are the only thing that gives people success, in fact after you faced him(Edison) it was my work (perseverance) that lead him to success said persy.

But significant contribution was mine; you can’t deny it: said failure being ready for an argument.

Guys guys I know where this is taking us, hey come on we are here to enjoy the party and meet friends and not to debate on whose bigger: said success.

What’s going on said other friends coming near these three.

Well failure here thinks that he and his temporary defeat contribute a lot than us said persy rather angrily.

What?!!! exclaimed competitive pain.

No it’s me who contribute significantly to success: said hard work.

Hey then what about us: said patience and experience unitedly.

Let us make success decides this: said persy.

Success was blank hey come on guys everyone in this room contributes a lot to my work said success.

But who contribute significantly: shouted pain.

Soon they all started to argue vigorously success never saw this coming .success soon sent an mental note to destiny asking him to solve this small pride problem.

Soon success received a reply from destiny; he smiled and went forward to solve the problem.

Guys guys ok fine u all want me to answer who contributes significantly to my work right: he said

Yes :said all in a chorus.

Ok now you all believe that without anyone of you I can’t carry out my work right? Asked.


Yes :said all others.

Okay now I will tell who contributes largely but before that I would like to say something so do I have your entire attention friends: asked success.

Yes: said all with little impatience.

Ok now lets take Edison and consider, he faced 1000 temporary defeats right, then with perseverance and hardwork he went forward in his experiments right, and then with patience, pain and large amount of experience he conquered me, now if you all see, everybody of you contributed equally, ya but  I know you wont be satisfied, yes there is one guy who contributed a large amount to my work, when he goes to people he entirely makes it easy on dear humans to achieve u all and come to me, do you know who it is?said success.

At this time there was entire silence in that round beautifully enchanted wooden hall. Everyone was eager to know who it was.


SOMEONE started knocking the door and everyone turned to the door .success smiled.

Persy could you please do us all a favor by opening the door: said success.

Sure but could you tell us who it is first: she said rising from the chair to door.

Dear please open the door first, it would be rude to let the guest stay in this snowfall.

She opened the door AND there stood an handsome men smiling widely, on seeing him everyone opened their mouth because they got their answer on seeing him, because he was BELIEF.

Welcome belief why so late dear: asked persy.

Oh I was stuck with a work and suddenly I remembered about the party so I came dashing in, am I too late? He said hugging persy.

Yes you are late dear but you are at right time: said success smiling'

Hey guys hey success ..Hey why are you all staring at me like that : asked belief.

Oh that’s nothing they got their answer on seeing you :said success.

What answer? what seeing me? I don’t understand anything said belief.

Well it’s a small story I will explain it to you later, so guys I think its time to forget the stupid argument and start enjoying the normal party of friends :said success.


Success was having a little chat with his dear friend destiny.

So every thing went right success? Asked destiny sipping the tea.

Right everything went amazingly perfect hmm I think they came to understand that no matter how perfectly they work a success cannot be achieved unless people believe strongly in themselves they learned that it was belief that made Edison to work even after 1000 defeats, it was belief that made Ulysses.s.grant  to win a lot no battles after a lot personal failure, and it was belief that made Abraham Lincoln to achieve his targets after a lot of defeats, today they understood that the one strong belief in success can take them(humans) across thousands of defeats, pass them through hell a lot pain, and tones of sacrifice to ever achieve me greatly.

So it all starts with belief in thyself.

But success there is two friends of mine waiting who have contrasting views to you: said destiny.

Those two friends are none other than you dear readers the “two friends” is for male and female character

Just submit your contrasting views with success (character) as a part of this story. I personally look forward, wish and love for a lot of different views from dear readers.

Farewell friends and all the best for those who are expecting results of all CA stages this month.

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