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A short story describing about the characters of success and failure…..:) Hope the readers enjoy it


Success: Hi fa(failure) how are you…how’s life going man..


Failure: going good da , and how about you?


Success : always good …J and how’s your job da


Failure: oh my job, it’s really great ,infact ,I love doing my job ,but it takes a lot of hard work to do it da , still I am happy with it.


Success: hmm know what fa(failure) , I always wanted to ask you something… I mean why did you choose this job at first place, infact while we were being recruited you had lot of job options ..but why did you choose this one??


Failure(smiling): why, what’s wrong with this job…hmm ok now  tell me why you did not choose this job, and I will tell you why I choosed it …


Success: well, first of all it’s a painful job, people hate you and you cause them more pain…but I give them happiness, joy and pleasure..


Failure: (smiling) true true,  but  don’t you think that it’s me who lead those people to you.

And don’t you see what a noble job I am doing?


Success: well …!A sort of …


Failure: ok let me explain you, see first of all , when people meet me(failure) they are broken, depressed and moved to negative thoughts right..


Success: well yeah..


Failure: see after facing me they slowly overcome their pain step by step and face their worst pain i.e their mistake and fears..and then they move in the path of boldness and perseverance on their target and then they earn the biggest knowledge from me i.e the experience of failure, their weakness, their foolishness, negligence etc…and then after all this they walk to you ..right


Success: true true.


Failure: see there is one more thing you want to know da.. often people hate me because of the pain I cause …infact I never caused them pain at all I always stood to them as a messenger about the truth, their performance ,secrets of you and as a helper on their improvement and achievement…infact there are only some who take me humbly and study me patiently and ever achieve greatly.


Success: ya man every word you said is true ….infact some never take things positively ..and that’s why you are hated a lot …infact you do a lot noble work than me…J


Failure: thank you …anyway its time da I have to go there are some exam results about to be published … I have to go and lets see how much students take me dearly


Success: ya even I got to rush, people who faced you last time is waiting for me this time ….and lot of fresh members are also waiting I have to go to them bye bye …


Farewells see you soon


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