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Modern And Scientific Methods To Study Smartly:

During my 20 years of Corporate Exposure, I have come across several working professionals who begin working for companies before they have completed their academic qualifications. Especially in case of Professional Courses like CA, CS, ICWA , many of these Professionals are those who are almost on verge of acquiring their degree but are stuck with a group or a subject, yet students plunge into industry with a hope of clearing the stuck papers soon after taking up  a job. However having joined industry, it becomes difficult to carve out any dedicated time to complete the stuck qualification. Further industry work pressure rarely permits getting of adequate exam leaves especially during critical days immediately before the examinations.

Days pass and skipping an exam attempt for one reason or other becomes a painful habit. On one hand professionals get good work exposure and begin earning, yet they continue to be underpaid and under recognized for being tagged as “Semi Qualified”. Soon compulsions of life drive these professionals to commence their matrimonial life and soon the responsibility of parenthood follows. For professionals stuck in this state, below would be key 7 points which could help them complete their academic qualification with minimal stress and progress towards a Competent Qualified Professional. The points mentioned below will also be of help for those few who are Multitaskers and believe to accomplish much more and far ahead of others within same 24 Hours !!

1. Give-up routine method of reading tons and tons of information in series of paragraphs compiled into pages and leaflets. Remember your mind remembers information in pictures and concepts, therefore banish linear notes and adapt Mindmaps.Get entire series of questions and important topics converted into Mindmap format.(Mindmaps are types of NON LINEAR NOTES which explain concepts in logical sequence making use of pictures and graphics)

2. Carry Mindmaps in image form or photograph them in your smartphones and review these while :

- Waiting for bus/train,

- While having lunch/dinner,

- In group meetings and discussions in office when your round of participation is done and you are yawning on other team members presentation,

- In your boss cabin when your boss is in discussion with other team members or when your boss is in intermittent phone calls.

- When attending mundane family function.

- In interval of a movie / watching television during advertisement breaks / watching sports during advertisement breaks.

3. Make audio notes ( Audio Notes are mp3/mp4 audios explaining important concepts ) of important topics and listen to these when you perform routine chores of life like shave, shower, brush, travelling, driving home or office, lying on bed waiting to fall asleep, waiting in restaurant for food to be served or waiting for colleague / fiancée to come to decided site.  Fall asleep listening to these audios by setting audio players on auto sleep mode.

4. Develop Flashcard (Flashcards are set of or deck of cards with questions which have one word / short concept as answer) and review these periodically. These are particularly useful when remembering case laws or remembering section or key words. These too can be imaged / photographed in your smart phones and used in the manner you use Mindmaps.Play with these asking your kid/spouse to read for you and play the game of quiz.

5. Use Screenflows (Screenflows are small videos presented explaining the concepts) and carry these in your smartphones or laptops. Review screenflows when you are on outstation assignments or when flying for audit assignments. These help you to understand the topic at your pace and at time available to you.You may pause/stop/fast-forward based on your ability and will of studying the content.

6. Revise each of above ie.Mindmap, Flashcards, Screenflows, Audios and test yourself by trying to outline the concept, no need to test entire answer but only the concept and key points. The more frequently you revise the better will be your retention.

7. Flip through all mindmaps before you appear for exam. If you have studied and reviewed as explained above, it will be possible for you to review all mind maps before your examination. Develop discipline of studying on everyday basis. Every day, every hour and every minute is important.

Lastly remember that all of above resources that I have mentioned are now easily available in open market. There are known vendors who can tailor for your needed Mindmaps or Flashcards or even provide Audio Notes and Screenflow based on Study Material /Study Contents that you provide them. I am confident that each you would certainly chase your dream and ensure qualifying desired examinations. I conclude with my best wishes for your qualification, enrichment in knowledge and fulfillment of your dreams.

Mrunmai Joshi


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CA.Rajeev Joshi (CA,CISA,DISA)
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