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Hello Friends.

I have recently given CA Final Both Group Exams in May 2019 (Old Course)

The reason for posting this article is to help students from avoiding those mistakes which I have already committed during my preparation time and I do not want any other student to repeat the same.

Mistakes to be avoided in the last 3 months -

I. Related to studies -

1. Referring to multiple books -

Do not refer multiple books for a subject thinking about covering more and more of the syllabus. Always try to stick to 1 author and I would always recommend sticking to the notes of that teacher from whom you have taken classes. It becomes very easy to learn and recollect things at the end moment. If you have done self-study, still complete your syllabus from a single author only.

2. Ignoring ICAI's material -

The best combination of books to be used is ICAI's material and the notes of the teacher you have taken classes from. ICAI is the person who is conducting exams and it is very important to understand that the 1st book to be finished while studying is ICAI's material. It should be done thoroughly. Never leave a single question from it.

3.  Incomplete 1st reading -

The fact is very simple - Whatever topic you leave in your 1st reading, it will be left forever. You are never going to complete such topics in your revisions. Therefore it is very important to complete as much as possible in your 1st reading itself. It is completely okay if your 1st reading is taking a little bit longer time. But covering the maximum syllabus in your 1st reading should be your primary agenda.

4. Lack of revisions -

After proper completion of 1st reading, I would not be specific about the number of revisions to be done. I would rather say, revise as much as you can because students who fail due to aggregate, they fail only because of lack of proper revision. Revisions should be done in such a way that every time you go through that topic, the time taken should be reduced.

5. No writing practice -

Students should understand that the practice of writing should not be done directly on the final exam day. If you are not able to learn any theory answers, try to write it in your own handwriting and you will be able to learn. For practical subjects, you need to solve as many questions as you can. Proper practice for practical questions is a must.    

6. Avoiding test series or mock tests.

Please give mock test papers or test series. It will tell your level of preparation as well as it will test your writing speed. Even if you’re not ready, still attempt test series (at least 1). It improves your level of preparation. Always remember, it is better to fail in test series instead of directly failing in your final exams. 

II. General Mistakes to be avoided -

1. Not taking proper sleep -

I would never recommend compromising on your sleep. It is very much necessary to sleep for 6-7 hours a day if you want your mind to work for 13-14 hours a day. Do not sleep during the afternoon. Try to complete your sleep in one single go. Studying for 13-14 hours a day for 4 months is good enough time to make you clear the exam.

2. Compromising on your diet -

Take proper diet and have healthy food. At least during the last 4 months. Because if you fall ill, you are going to lose your days which are already less.

3. Not making daily targets -

Before going to bed, you should know what have you done today and what is to be done tomorrow. You should have a record of your daily targets. Majority students fail due to improper planning. Therefore, sit and make a plan and then implement the same. Making plans not only let you know the targets to be achieved but also creates a sense of guilt if the same targets are not achieved on time. Do it. It works.

4. Not allotting time for time pass -

I feel that it is okay to relax and give a break to your mind for some time. But this relaxation should not be done at any time. It will hamper your daily schedule. Therefore, the best way is to allot half hour or 1 hour break time and whatever you want to do, do it during that time only. By doing this, you will not hamper your schedules also and you will feel relaxed also.

5. Going out for social gatherings -

Try not to attend social gatherings. Because it's not about that 1 day or few hours of social gathering, it will be preparing for the same one day before, clicking pictures, sharing the same and etc, etc. So try to avoid it.

At last, I wish you all very good luck. Studying for some days and taking a break is very easy but the real challenge is to maintain the level for dedication for 4 months continuously for 13-14 hours without major breaks. The fight of all CA students is not with the content we are studying, it is with the volume we have to study. So try to shorten the volume by making notes and summaries.

For 1st attempt students - Please do not fail. It is the worst.

For 2nd or more attempt students - It is okay. Worst has already happened now. Let's take it as a challenge and face it.

All the best !!


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CA Sapna Ghelani
(Chartered Accountant)
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