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Waking up at night and crying endlessly, just locking oneself in the room, not willing to talk to anyone, just dont want anyone around, only me and my silence. There were days when I went through all this. It happens when you miss something by few marks. Its a cruel truth that people judge us by our results and not by our efforts and whether you miss by a meter or a mile, you just miss it.

Its hard to accept the failure when you know the kind of efforts you put day in and day out; the sacrifices you made to achieve a target but you were just not good enough on the exam day. Every body has a bad day. We all know that things sometimes just don't fall in place. You wake up early morning and you realize the pain in your body, the drop in your mood. You are ready to go home but there's a huge traffic jam and eventually you get late. 

A single bad day can hamper your preperations. All of us go through this. You know its not your fault, but you ended up loosing. People around you then start judging you. The self-doubt, the depression creeps in.

You think yourself as worth less.

Now let me get it straight,,,

First of all crying is not a sign of weakness, its help in purging negativity. No you are not weak if you are crying. Men and women dont become weak when they cry. Crying is not a bad thing.

You are not worthless. Its just that we start looking ourselves from the eyes of others. The best way to overcome this is to live in present. Just accept that you have missed your target, let this feeling sink in, take up the challenge and work hard again.

Live in the present, don't compare your lives with others. Everyone goes through a struggle, may be other people havent yet gone through it. So just relax, calm yourself.

It's not the end of the world. There are people worse than you. Imagine the life of a illiterate person who has to work on daily basis to meet his ends. You see so many people roaming on roads, you are better than them and you have got a chance to prove yourself to people who don't believe in you.

You are special because you have come this far, you are special because you havent given up on your goal yet, you are special because you are willing to succeed, you are special because you are sacrificising your enjoyments for a goal, you are special because you are just one step away from a success.

Just go for it, just dont stop. It will come eventually, if not now then later, but it will come. Your sacrifices, your efforts won't be wasted. 

You know the biggest and toughest thing is to get up when you are down. Not everyone can do it. It's not easy but if you want to succeed then it will have to be done. You have to pick up your pieces, gather that courage again and fight with more vigor. Your time will come. The person who overcomes his or her failures is respected the most in this world.

Giving up is not an option. So get up and work hard.

Just for it and fulfill your dreams.


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CA Anurag Sharma
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