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With rapt attention, I watch discussions, debates, and speeches on social media. What charming and eloquent speakers are out there!  Have you ever thought about what makes them so interesting?

The choice of words, expressive thoughts, and immaculate articulation weave a web of beautiful language. And, we can all learn to be a great storyteller!

In my interaction with students, I have always been asked to help them in expanding their vocabulary. A simple technique is ROTE LEARNING. Yes, you heard it right, repeating a list of words and their meanings almost daily will insure these words become a part of your long term memory (LTM). If you engage in rote learning (repetition) over a period of time and follow it with equally long rest periods it improves verbal recall. So, best is to sleep on the list of words!

Memory Techniques for Language Skills

If it was so simple everyone would be a walking dictionary. To counter brain-fog while recalling the meaning of words and expressions an effective encoding technique is an ELABORATE REHEARSAL. 

Take the word “Alacrity” as an example. First, let us find the meaning of the word, Alacrity means eagerness. Next, let us find out more about this word. It means to exhibit physical quickness like speed and enthusiasm. Now, let us use it in a sentence. Example, Usain Bolt practiced for the race with expected alacrity. Another example, the organization hires CA’s with alacrity. Now repeating this information and process will make it easier to recall this word.

There is another effective memory technique which helps not only in improving language skills but also in memorizing concepts. It is called VISUALIZATION. All the expressions, the words, the context in which to use the words and other concepts can be remembered better with visual cues like charts, diagrams, using highlighters or underlining. Visualizing them in an imaginative story can also strengthen recall memory. Let us take a Hungarian proverb,” If you dig a hole for someone else, you will fall into it.” I am sure when you read this proverb a visual depiction of it ran in your minds. 


All of us use some memory technique or the other my personal handy trick is to relate any new information (word, concept, sayings, and theory) with existing information. As we recall old memory the new one is automatically retrieved and over a period of time the bond between the two gets cemented. As a behavioral skills trainer, I have to retain so much information and keep pace with the dynamic training environment. This bonding technique has never let me down!

Now that is bit too much information to comprehend in one go so, here is the last nugget of wisdom TEACH others what you want to understand and recall better! 

Hope you will use these practical tips and keep your memory sharp. 


Authored by: Prof. Anuradha Singh

To view / enroll Business Correspondence and Reporting (CA Foundation) by Prof. Anuradha Singh: Click Here


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