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Hello Members,


Today in this prestigious Caclubindia Article section I would like to raise a different but an interactive topic just for the sake of a healthy discussion or interaction.


As we all know that the word success is something very special for everyone. In today’s time it is a need for everyone to survive. Everyone wants to achieve the same at any cost. But based on the corporate environment around one question always strike/hit my mind ----- what exactly is the meaning of success?


Well for some it’s a damm easy one to answer and for some……still an easy one….to answer??......no…to get confused about the true meaning of success in their personal case.


One day I have decided to explore myself or rather I would say convince me to figure out the true meaning of success for myself based on my personal thinking along with right ways to get success. According to me few points to be kept in mind to achieve success includes the following:


1. Be clear what is the exact meaning of success in your life and words…bcoz it’s a very subjective term having different meanings for different peoples. Later on in this write up we will discuss the opinions of other members regarding meaning of Success.


2. Keep yourself informed about your real goal in life. In the absence of this chances are there to shake you from the correct path.


3. Keep your vision crystal clear to ensure point number 2 above. If your vision is not clear than it would be very difficult for anyone to strive for success.


4. Believe in long term success and hard work. Well this point is very simple and straight forward and doesn’t need for any kind of explanation.


5. To ensure point number 4 avoid shortcuts in life bcoz to ensure long term success the only way out is hard work and self belief. Again it is quite a self explanatory statement.


6. Never feel hopeless in life bcoz no problem comes with permanent nature…and there is solution for everything. All the problems in this world are of temporary nature with permanent solution. On the contrary I would advise you to love your problems as you can learn a lot from your problems and in fact they are in your life to teach you something really indispensable.


7. Just believe in honesty and follow this path. strictly bcoz honesty is another pillar for long tern success. Honesty is the Best Policy.


8. Always give due respect to your Parents, family, teachers, seniors…who have helped you at any point of time in your life…Actually they are the real guiding stars remained unnoticed sometimes.


It needs no mention that the above simple points are not a copy-paste and depicts my personal thinking.


Now it is my privilege to share through this write up the message of some active members of Caclubindia:


Success----In the words of Member Sneha…Sunshine


Yes I agree with it....and to add along with it...i would say success should be accompanied by peace of mind...after all we get a chance to live life only once...we can’t waste it running after money all the time.


Success----In the words of Member CA.Lakshmi Ramanathan


I would like to add a few more lines – please surround yourselves with optimistic and positively oriented people, read a few good books which will give you a different insight into life and be tenacious/Firm !


Success----In the words of Member CS Ankur Srivastava

SUCCESS --- Yes it is a very subjective term having different meaning for every person.  Very generally, when someone has some aim in his / her mind and when he/she achieves it, it is called the Success.


But in the current scenario, people compare success with money the person having more money he would be considered more successful. But practically, is it not a real SUCCESS.


Success is the stage of satisfaction of mind


It may be very small thing but for a person if he gets satisfaction, it is success on the other hand it may be very big achievement but if the person does not get satisfaction, it is not a real success for him.


To conclude success is the combination of the inner and uter thinking of an individual success with regard to the prosperity, name and fame which might be totally different from person to person....


So Don’t believe in to be a successful businessman or professional..... JUST FOCUS ON TO BE A SUCCESSFUL PERSON…..


Sincerely hope that you’ll find this article worth reading. If yes, kindly share your views, opinions and guidance.


Best Regards

Ankur Garg

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Ankur Garg
(Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)
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