Everything you need to know about BML Munjal University’s MBA in Forensic Accounting.

With an increase in demand and supply, transactions worth billions are made across the globe. With increased revenues and higher prospects, the chances of fraud and other such unethical activities have also skyrocketed, creating a need for a specialized set of leaders to ensure that numbers add up and scrutinize company finances in an in-depth manner rather than just at face value.

1. What was the idea behind launching an exclusive MBA in Accounting and Finance with the specialization in Forensic Accounting & Corporate Fraud? 

With the passing of the Companies Act of 2013 and the Satyam Scam that turned a thousand heads, the need for specialized supervision in the areas of book-keeping and accounting was highlighted.However, the lack of skilled personnel due to a gap in the education system was alarming, It was to address this very need that BMU launched the MBA in Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud, with the aim of safeguarding corporate interests and creating a new stream of career opportunities previously unexplored.

2. How is your course different from other Forensic Accounting programmes in India?

Leading the need of specialized courses, BMU is among the only few institutions to offer an MBA in Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud, making this course an exclusive career option within itself. KPMG, one of the big 4 accounting firms of the world has partnered with the University to impart its expertise to students. Certified by KPMG the modules are taught by KPMG professionals that bring with them their industry experiences.

3. Do you think that students enrolling in this course will have an edge over students of other courses? If yes, how?

With a dedicated placement, the University ensures that the students get the best opportunities from across the industry. BMU’s various industry collaborations with names such as SHELL, INTEL, COCA COLA, SIEMENS etc. help the students to get acquainted with industry and get trained on live case studies giving them an edge. Another key factor that distinguishes BMU from other universities is its unique learning methodology where Doing is the new way of learning, enabling students to go From Here to the World.

4. What is the structure of the program – total classroom time, the expectation from the candidate and the areas covered as part of the course?

The Programme entails 168 hours of classroom teaching with 21 hours allotted to each subject and 80+ hours of teaching with KPMG professionals. Besides that, there are ample internship opportunities and opportunities for empirical research coming the students' way. The areas covered in the course are listed below - 

•    Business Law and Overview of Fraud & Misconduct
•    Accounting & Auditing
•    Financial Statement Fraud
•    Frauds in Digital Environment
•    Asset Misappropriation & Palm Greasing
•    Compendium on Legal, Regulatory & Professional Environment
•    Other Frauds & Problem Solving
•    Casework Analysis with Sector Contextualization

5. What is the teaching methodology adopted for this Program - Online / Offline / Hybrid?

The teaching methodology is mostly offline, although the lectures are recorded and made available to students to review and revise thus making learning more effective.

6. Is there an industry project at the end of the course? If yes, how much time are students expected to devote on it?

Yes, there are approximately 56 hours allotted to industry projects at the end of the year. These are divided into Internships and empirical research projects, both being 8 credits each. This ensures that our students not only LEARN but also APPLY so that they can develop into able, hardworking professionals.

7. Profile of the Faculty of this programme?

Our faculty mainly comprises of KPMG Advisor and members of Forensic Advisory team - Seasoned professionals that ensure that our students get valuable industry insights enabling them to succeed in the field they’re about to enter.

8. What are the Placement offerings after this course?

We offer placements mostly in the field of Accounting, Auditing, Constituencies, Corporate houses etc. and have a fully functional students’ placement cell to ensure that maximum opportunities are made available to our students.

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