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C.A. Yogesh Chaudhary




Dear Friends:


There is hardly anyone in this world who would not like to succeed. People in business want expansion, people in job want promotion. Some want to succeed for fame& some for happiness but a very little number of persons succeed in the way they wish to. Here are some mantras to success through which one can get success in his/her life:


If you can dream it you can get it:- A person can get success only if he dreams because dreams work as a goal in life and when we have goal only then we can put effort for it, to make it true. The way to succeed to become bigger than you presently are is to dream big. Whether you think you can, or you can not, you are right. So  big dreams are necessary for success.


Beginning is the most important part of the work:-No one can get success only by dreaming but one has to also start work to make his dream true.  Opportunities exists, but it has to find you working. As is said,” Every Financial genius is not Bill Gates but is someone who manages to earn more than his family can spend”. So it is not required to start with a big project only, begin with simple project also because a initial simple project will be a big project one day.


If You are a strong Believer in Luck, You will find the harder you work, the luckier you get:- Luck is itself is not a path to success but if you work 7 days a week, 14 hours a day you will get lucky. “No Great things were ever done without great labour” -----Swami Vivekanand. So it should be kept in mind that luck starts only when you work hard.


Learning Commitment & Passion leads to success:- To achieve a goal, no doubt hard work is important but work & efforts in the right direction under proper guidance are most important. Man at the top is usually someone who has been in habit of going to the bottom of things. So continuous habit of learning with passion makes your success easy.


Two People can work on a problem better than one:- Most of us are individually great performers but we must not forget the power of teamwork. So to find success in your desired way you should work in a team.


Example is better than precept:- A successful person is one who can take work from other. To get people around you to work as per your requirement, you always need to set examples before issuing orders.


Small Opportunities are often the source of great beginning:- Opportunities, however big or small, should never be left untapped; As goes the saying “Strike the Iron while it is Hot”. Right decision at the right time is very important.


Rome was not built in a day:- Patience is the virtue of success. Success is a gradual process and requires constant efforts over a period of time. Delay in success should never be taken as failure.


Failure is an integral part of Success:-As goes the saying,” It is no use crying over split milk”. Failure should always be taken as a step forward towards success and not a setback. “Your Most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” –Bill Gates


Get Happiness out of your work or you may never know what happiness is:-Always enjoy doing whatever work you have in hand. Work viewed as a burden or liability leads to unhappiness in life.

Also keep in mind that due to work pressure your personal life should not adversely affected.


Many a Little makes a mickle:-Yesterday is gone & future is unknown. It is only today you have control on. So planning in the present for future through savings, insurance & Investments etc will pave the way for your success and ensure you a peaceful and prosperous life.


High Winds blow on high hills:-The higher you go the toughest it gets. You should always be prepared to face competitors and their tactics. Normally, after succeeding, personal rivalry and ego become the major reason for pulling you towards downfall. Your companions in the journey of your success should also be your friends even when you reach the top. The biggest enemy of future success is past success.

Continuous efforts are required to maintain the position at the top.



“Success is a journey, not a destination”



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