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Specially written for caclubindia users.

We are mostly affected by Emotions in two circumstances –

1. When we are extremely happy or

2. We are too sad.

Regarding first circumstance; nothing to worry. Hence the question remains for the second circumstance – why not to worry!

For me also, it is an interesting question.

Imagine that following are the circumstances:

1. One student got 60% marks in CA Final in first sitting – i. e. a matter of great happiness!  

2. Now he thinks for a fine job.

3. After appearing for too many interviews; he ultimately finds that job he requires is not available in his hometown.

4. He doesn’t wish to leave his hometown because of emotions attached with his mother.  He is the only son of his parents.

5. He wishes to settle in his hometown and by the time he is almost settled in two years; a good job opportunity knocks.

6. Now his mother says not to lose the opportunity!

Think of the same as  if  this  opportunity knocks your door.  

Sixer on Last Ball!

What would you prefer - sacrifice the job for your Mother or…………………………….

(Fill in the blanks).

What is the “opportunity cost” to accept such a nice job? Or

Are you ready to “create” opportunities at your hometown?

Presented By –

Surendra Kumar Rakhecha

Category Career, Other Articles by - CA SURENDRA KUMAR RAKHECHA