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Though different, but every one of us have dreams in life. And in furtherance to it, we works hard. The destination for most of us may be different and so does the journey, but what remains same are the challenges each one of us encounter.

When the obstacles faced are the same then what is it that makes few achieve their goals and rest succumb in name of circumstances?

Yes that is what we say. Our CIRCUMSTANCES were DIFFERENT. This is what we say. Isn’t it?

At one or the other point of time, each one of us feels like quitting. “Mujhse nahi ho raha, kuch aur kar lete hai -Plan B”. Most change their roads then and there and rest few are still up for the idea and look for an inspiration outside to get them going. They talk to a friend, read interviews, listen motivational lectures on Youtube etc etc. Most of us have those Motivational posters on our walls. Haina?  And It works, yes it does, but for how many days? May be a day or two or a week or for some even a month. But then again we fall back to square one.

I confess, I did all those things from thinking to quit to listening those motivational lectures and even today I listen to them. But something has changed in me that made a difference and learn few invaluable lessons of life. “People, Thoughts, Speeches can 100% inspire us, they can give us the Vision But they won’t work until the Motivation comes from WITHIN”.

Our way of looking at things has always been OUTSIDE-IN i.e. what will they think of me? They will help me. I will get motivation from Him Etc. etc.

Rather in an Ideal Practice it has to be Inside-Out. I will do it best to my efforts. I will remain focused, I will help them etc etc.

Only when you are determined and your dream is big enough, you can reach your destination. Remember everyone has a different journey, obstacles are the same but how you choose to react to it, makes a big difference.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it- said Charles R. Swindoll

Dear Friend, Be your Best friend, look within for only you know your journey and what you want from life. The day the OUTSIDE-IN thing changes to INSIDE-OUT, Success is bound to be yours. The day you will take hold of the situation and know that it is only you who can help beat it, all your weaknesses shall turn out to be your strength. And then you never know tomorrow your story may inspire a lot like us.

Keep Shining, Stay Motivated


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Nishtha Malhotra
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