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Couple of months ago the Chartered Accountancy results were announced with a reasonably low pass percentage, which came to be the most memorable day for the ones who cleared but a nightmare for those who didn’t … Dreams Fulfilled, Dreams Delayed … Motivated, Shattered … Confidence Boosted, Self-Doubt … It was a mix of both emotions with the latter part being the majority. So lets go down the memory lane and recollect every stage of our journey as a Chartered Accountancy Student so that by the end of it we all say … ‘I CAN and I WILL!!’

Your life as a Chartered Accountancy Student begins much before you even commence the course and way before giving your entrance exam. Want to know how? Keep reading…

Well at first, hearing the horrifying stories of ‘Qualified Chartered Accountants’ and the students already pursuing that course, you would think of doing any and every other course except this one… by this one I mean CHARTERED ACCOUNTANCY. But then as everything has a good side too… seeing the ‘loot’ which most CA’s have, you finally choose your destiny to enter what is called the TUNNEL OF UNCERTAINITY where all you can expect is … The Unexpected.

Just as you register for joining the course and you have successfully succeeded in carrying the mountain of books home, the CA cells start multiplying in your blood. Gradually with the numbers, laws and sub-sections meddling with your young brain, you start becoming boring… Hence, by then you enjoy everything except enjoying!!! Your entrance exam called the Common Proficiency Test or CPT that I would term as “Come, Please Try” now arrives. On clearing the CPT exam, you are now ready to face the three-phased challenge, which is CA-Inter, then the three-year long articleship training and finally the finale called ‘CA-Final’.

But wait a minute … what about the students who clear their entrance exam and do their university along with the CA course? All I can say is “I pity them” … and to be frank enough, even I am one of the many who fall in this category. How I understand the plight of a student breaking his or her head at home to memorize tax slabs and sub-sections while getting updates from a batch mate who is busy enjoying somewhere which makes you envy him or her in all the possible ways.

Lo and Behold!!!! The day has arrived when you sit in a classroom ready to write your first subjective CA examination. The week passes by and you are no less than a fanatic who was buried under books. The next one and a half to two months till the results are out, all that a sane human would do is stay the farthest distance from books and enjoy.

Oops!!! It’s result time now… for the ones who pass in their exams, its ‘party time’ but the ones who do not, they have to go by the term CA which means “Come Again”.

Little did the ones who passed their exams know that what awaits them in future is not only going to make them a thorough professional but also increase the liking of enjoying everything except enjoying. In CA terms… they call it ARTICLESHIP.

Again, during your articles, its time you get the Mr. Jealous active in you as all you would be doing is checking out your friends’ ‘Facebook check-ins’ which clearly showed that they are having the time of their lives while you are sitting and staring at an agreement or sharpening your excel skills.

After completing 2.5 years of your articleship training you now enter the endless tunnel of darkness, struggle and uncertainty … The CA FINAL EXAM! 

With every possible book to be used, being piled on top of each, it would mount up to a six feet human; all you know is that the real struggle has just begun. Sleepless nights, tiring days and countless outings with friends put down, the exams are just there. More than the exam, the name ‘CA Final’ and the usually minute pass percentage are what freak the student!!

Its time for your exams, the exam of your lifetime … 3 weeks of isolation, detachment and uninterrupted focus … By the end of it, even street lights seem light bright sunlight that’s hurts the eye of a prisoner who has just been released after years of imprisonment.

But keeping jokes and everything written above apart, CA is a profession which attracts high importance in any field of the commerce industry and prepares you to handle any accounting or financial glitch in the biggest of multi-national corporations anywhere around the world. More than anything, there’s almost no industry that doesn’t need you. While other courses are relatively harder to enter and easy to exit, Chartered Accountancy is relatively easy to enter but harder to exit. In short, it’s definitely WORTH IT

For the once who cleared their exams, CONGRATULATIONS!! For the once who didn’t … My advice to them just “Change the abbreviation of CA from ‘Come Again’ to ‘Challenge Accepted’”.

- Sagar Chandiramani 

DISCLAIMER: All the views and expressions mentioned above are solely for entertainment and motivation purposes and the author will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. Readers’ discretion is advised.


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