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Hey Friends!!

I am writing after a long span of time. Hope you all will enjoy my Post.

Introduction -

Friends today while walking toward my office, I saw a bunch of CA Students Fully energetic and were engaged in studies. At that spot of time I thought what all of us are going through. But at that second thought what I observed is "This Hard Work will pay us in Future". This was the time when all my worries left away my mind. And I thought to share a Article on "Life Of A CA Student - Full Of Challenges" with all of you.

So this Article is dedicated to each one of you.

In this Article I am going to discuss some of the Challenges/Difficulties faced by a CA Student and Some Steps to Overcome it -

So lets start with it - 

Morning / Evening Classes with Articleship -

Friend's All my sympathy with all of you. Only a CA student can understand the condition. Even after getting up at 5, still trying hard in office, I will just say Commendable. I Know this is really hard but there is a good saying that " Ke abhe soona ( GOLD) taap ( Heated ) raha hai, aor jab tak soona bhe taap na jaay, tab tak uske market me value nahe hote".

So our condition is just like Gold, we are also getting heated and only after getting heated you will be successful in life. None in this world has become successful without working hard in life. So Dont worry, just think of the time when you will be a CA, when ever you face such situation.

" न रगड़ के बिना रत्न पर पालिश होती है, न कठिनाइयों के बिना मानव में पूर्णता आती है। "

" आप कुछ भी कर पाने में सक्षम हैं चाहे वह आपकी सोच हो, आपका जीवन हो या आपके सपने हों, सब सच हो सकते हैं . आप जो चाहें वह कर सकते हैं. आप इस अनंत ब्रह्माण्ड की तरह ही अनंत संभावनाओं से परिपूर्ण हैं ".

Family Distraction's -

Friend's don't take it an negative way. This is something different. One thing I have noticed while pursuing CA,

"If you are doing Engineering, Doctry, Architect, MBA then there is no problem. But if a student is doing CA then it is the biggest problem for every relative. They will keep on poking their nose until you become a CA.

I Will like to share my personal experience with all of you. My sis came from Canada after 2 years. You will be amazed to hear the first question she asked me "Sanyam kab CA banega". I was so frustrated by this question, " I replied I am just 20, tell me the name of the person who became a CA at the age of 20." This is really funny but this thing puts pressure on many of us.

I think trend cant be changed so we have to change our self. We should avoid these pressures.

When ever we face such situation we should give them a big smile and nothing else.

"जैसे सोना अग्नि में चमकता है, वैसे ही धैर्यवान आपदा में दमकता है।

संयम और परिश्रम मनुष्य के दो सर्वोत्तम चिकित्सक हैं।"

So friends I hope you all must have enjoyed as well as understood the need of this article.

Try following the above in your respective life.

"All the Best to All of you".

Thanks & Regards

Sanyam Arora

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(“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)
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