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 Hey Friends, Thanks for the appreciation on both the articles:



Thanks for posting comments on the articles. 96 comments on the article is really an achievement and the credit goes to you all readers. It was not just an article it was my real life stories which I shared with you and I think you have became the part of my life as my life history was having zero value but because of you it has been fully valued now. As you all know the meaning of this topic and very well be knowing that our life style matches with this current topic and we really have to work upon it.

Hey friends I don't know about yours but my life is completely messy and now I know very well the reason behind it and giving my level bests my to clean it up. Since from the childhood I always want to play but I didn't, do you know why? Since from college life I want to grow but I can't ,do you know why? Since from the office life I thought I can do this I can do that, but never felt like doing do you why?? The reason behind all these things happened in my life is a fight between my heart and mind. Always it happens to me that I can't take decisions, I can't able to catch one way, I can't give suggestions, I can't judge people, I think of quitting, I think of ending our life, I think that why on earth its happening to me and at the end finally the thing which I do is blame myself that WHY I M LIKE THAT, WHY I CANT FULFIL SOMEONE EXPECTATIONS? WHY I CAN'T DO IT WHEN I HAVE CONFIDENCE THAT I CAN? WHY I AM ALWAYS BEING THE SUFFERING FOR OTHERS (parents, relatives, and friends).

That's it friends here we do mistakes here we keep on blaming to ourselves. Blaming thinking blaming thinking blaming thinking, life is mess, getting messy, and it will be more and more messy.

Heart: chal dipti let's forget everything and have fun.

Mind: pagal hai kya why screwing your career it's a time to study seriously.

Heart:: arey yar last day aaj ka din kal se will take things seriously.

Mind: eke k karke kitne din aur dipti.

Heart: this the last day all going for movie. I promise will take life seriously from tomorrow.

Mind: ok but.

Heart: stop thinking let's just go.

And finally my heart convinced my mind to make one more day messy. Friends today I got a answer why my life is messy its messy because I keep on listening others I keep on doing the things which my mind don't allow me means that even I don't listen to myself. Whereas I know how to clean it up by listening to me and correcting every messy part of my life. Listen to you, your mind knows what to do next, your intelligence know where to go, your brains know your way and finally your destiny doesn't find you, you find your destiny.

You know friends our heart is always ruled by other person because one or the other person always there in our soft corner who influence us to do the things which is not allowed by our mind and our mind trace ourselves, for eg: in my case I don't want to go for a movie but want to sit home and study hard to hit the stroke as per my mind but my friends and their love and care is a part of my heart so for their happiness I don't listen to myself and go for movie. So you listen to you don't listen what world says. As I am cleaning my messy life from now onwards by listening to my mind you also think about it.

A short description about our life which will help you to understand the messy life and giving you a solution to how to clean this mess. A CA STUDENT'S LIFE? A CA Student's Life?

They say- The process of learning Never ends I wish I could say- Should I learn? Or earn? Or should I survive the bitter world?

Parent's say- Score well for living The future aid Can I say? - When should I live My present day?

Teacher's say- Study to give Yourself a name! Fame! My thoughts say (as he did) - What's there in a name? Fame?

Relatives' say- My child scored! How about you? Let me, justly, answer them- I am not your child!

Why do you care?

TAKE A GLARE I DON'T CARE BE FAIR!! Just let me live my life MY WAY JUST TODAY I shall learn and earn Myself a name, A fame And do the rest tomorrow It's a long life A CA student's life- To live the present And the future Depending upon The process of learning That never ends!



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