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Why this Article?

This article is written for simple reason that we have forgotten to learn from simple events in life, though they are simple events but the lessons that may be learnt from them can be so profound that it can prove to be life changing. Sometimes, it needs only one thought which can change the course of your life and maybe consequently, it may change the course of history. You never know the ultimate impact.

This article contains a list of lessons learnt during my participation in a Cyclothon event organized by my college. It’s a collection of lessons I found on my way while enjoying the ride and the journey. Are you ready to join the Fun ride? Then, let’s go.

First lesson I learnt was that “Most of the time we underestimate our abilities, but when we actually pursue something with our heart and soul and with enthusiasm, we will definitely achieve it”

Initially I thought I never did cycling in last six years, so cycling for 13 Kms won’t be easy, but when I enthusiastically registered for the event, things started falling in place. It simply means that our capabilities expand as per the size of our dreams. Very profound lesson, which will help me dream for more in life. Life will offer you the answers for your questions; what is important is to ask for the right things and right questions. Life will provide you all the resources you want for accomplishment of your purpose.  The only requirement is to have a purpose worth living for.

Second lesson I was presented is that “Life is a Fun Ride, it’s not a race. The more you take it as race, the more you feel bored of it. The more you take it as fun ride, the more you want to live it”.

When I had registered, I was under the impression that it will be a race and the winner will get a prize or recognition or photograph with a celebrity or photo in a newspaper. As per my expectations, I started practicing for winning the race. But one day before the actual event, we got instructions in our hand which said “Please don’t Race, it’s a Fun Ride”. My perception suddenly changed and I focused on enjoying the ride. What a sudden change in attitude.  Throughout my actual ride of 13 Kms, I thoroughly enjoyed it, because I knew it was a fun ride and not a race. Had I focused on racing and winning, the picture could have been different. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it at all.

Third lesson I savored “In life, a time will come when you will start feeling that I can’t complete this, but we never know how much we are capable of doing unless we push ourselves beyond our self-imposed limitations.”

There came a moment when I felt a little tired and thought why it is so long journey. I thought that in life, we will face many such situations when we are tired but when we push through our limits we realize how much capabilities we have and how much we can accomplish. It makes sense and it will be a fun to challenge yourself when a voice inside you says “You can’t do it”. You will feel what is a triumph over your weaknesses.

Fourth lesson I learnt on the way “When you see someone going ahead of you, you will be tempted to change your gears and race up, but if you do that you will loose on an important part of your life, i.e. Enjoying the ride.”

When the race started, I was fully determined that I want to enjoy the ride, but when I observed people racing and overtaking me and leaving me behind, an inner voice popped up and said “Race up buddy, race up”. But I managed to ignore that voice and I focused on enjoying the ride. The lesson: Circumstances and other racers in life will prompt you to race up but please don’t listen to those voices. Focus on the joy ride. Enjoy the life. If you take life as a competition, you won’t be able to enjoy it fully.

Fifth lesson I learnt was “When somebody falls down, it makes perfect sense to stop and help, make them rise again, to help a person in need, no matter even if it results in a break on your ride .”

If you will be focusing on the race and want to come first, you won’t be bothered about what happens to others. I barely had travelled 2 kms, and seen somebody fall down on the road; I immediately stopped and gave him a hand to get up, took him aside and asked about whether he needs help? I learnt that it makes perfect sense to help others when they are in need no matter how much delay it may cause to your ride to the end. We are human beings and not robots. How does it matter if your ride finishes five minutes late, at least you will be able to win one heart by delaying your ride and stopping to help them. In the game of life, it’s my duty to care for others, think of others’ progress as well. This gives us pure joy and happiness.

Sixth Lesson I learn was “Smiling and greeting people (even if you don’t know them personally) has its own magical powers, the powers to spread and multiply happiness in this world. When you smile at them, they smile back”

We were told that present students of the college who are volunteering for today will stand on both sides of the road to guide you all on the way. I made it a point to be happy and smilingly waive hand at everyone I seen, say “hi”, say “thank you” and then only move ahead. This gave me a good insight into people management skills. A leadership Lesson here - If you are leading an organization, many people would be working for you, for progress of your business. Occasionally, you should take time to go and meet them personally. It makes perfect sense to invest your time on meeting your workforce, in person.   

Lesson Seven “When focused on enjoying the ride(life), you will feel the ride should never end, but when you are busy in racing, you won’t enjoy anything and you will want the life to end as soon as possible” I was enjoying each moment of the journey and the moment my legs started to push for speed, I managed to calm down my mind and slow down my legs because I wished the ride should never end as I was enjoying each of its moment by meeting new people on the way and by making them smile, making them happier, helping those whom I can. When you are focused on racing, you will soon get tired and start feeling that when this race will finish? When I will get rid of this? This is the reason why people commit suicide. They don’t focus on what life offered to them, they focus on racing and getting those things that they don’t actually need.

Lesson Eight “Say thanks and be grateful to those who are selflessly serving the humanity, those who are not expecting anything to gain from you. Be grateful and show your gratefulness by helping them achieve their motto.” When I see the volunteers on the way, I expressed my gratitude to them by saying thank you. The moment I said thank you, I realized that in our life, there are so many people working selflessly to make our life better and the only desirable response expected from us is to be grateful to them. Ensuring that you lend your smile to them. Ensuring that you help them in achieving their motto.

Lesson Number Nine “You will not be able to enjoy the beauty of nature if you focused only on winning, you will not be able to spare time for your own happiness if you are very busy racing throughout your life”. There was a sea-face on the way to our cycling route and I was focused on enjoying the ride, so I could take out some moments for myself, rejuvenating myself by standing in front of the sea and praising the nature’s greatness. Simple but so true, we sometimes are so engrossed in race of life that we forget the important aspects of life, may be willingly or unwillingly we are ignoring them and that ideally should not be done. Ignoring our own self, own happiness is the biggest sin we can ever commit on this earth. Killing our soul every moment to achieve something which is not even visible.

Lesson Number Ten “Those who are focusing only on winning the race are actually losing the real race, the happiness race”

At the end of the ride, I realized what I would have really lost or missed if I would have focused only on winning and coming first or coming in first five riders list. I would have lost all the joy and fun, I wouldn’t have helped anybody who had fallen down, I wouldn’t have shown gratitude to those who are selflessly serving in order to make my ride better, I wouldn’t have made them smile, I wouldn’t have spread happiness, I wouldn’t have made a difference in this world.

To conclude, I must say today that I realized “Life is not a race, it’s a fun ride and those who are focusing only on winning are actually losing. 

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