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Dear Friends

This is the discussion focusing about writing both group, its merit and reason for opting group wise.


If we take the trend of student writing both groups together, it is lower than individual group. Why more students like to write:


CA exam individual group?

Only one resource is required for writing both group in my opinion is “Sufficient time” for preparation. This is varying from students to student so that defining a time frame for writing both groups is impossible.


Investment in studies involves time. Our objective here is not to reduce the time rather optimize the time to study.


Writing group wise is lagging your success see following cases.

Those who are written group wise, after their exam, they start preparation for pending group bit slowly. After the result, if adverse event happen, they have to focus again what they have already learned and the pending group will be pending for ever. Even if the result declares and cleared the group, there require time to settle down the remaining group and this will lead to hypertension and failure. Thus, in effect 1 year may be lost. What will happen if you are loosing 1 year at I P C C stage and 1 year at Final stages?


How can switch to both groups?


a)   If you are learning first time, try to study both group. If you feel confidence then proceed with both group.

b)  If you are not feeling confident then give more focus and stress on any one group at your choice.

c)   There are good and easy reference books are available in the market. Those who find difficult with module, switch to good reference book.

d)  There are good teachers for all the subjects. If a particular subject causes you a headache, approach with good teachers and extra home work. You can overcome difficulties.



Insufficient time students opt for individual group?


At the time of registering, I think some of our friends have sufficient time for preparing both Groups. Seriousness to studies is slow poison. When the exam dates approaches, will be more serious about studies and there is no choice other than group.


Some others because of vast area of syllabus and come from non -commerce streams may require more time to settle down.


Due to Rush between office and coaching class find difficult for own preparations, classes for any particular group may be pending.


Thus, the reason for insufficient time is vary.


 Fear to fail:

This is the major reason where the students opt for Individual group. Some may be thinking that giving full focus on any particular group will lead to passing the exam.


This is may not be true. Since CA exam pattern and method cannot be predictable.


One of the important issue associated with group wise students are failing for want of aggregate marks. Getting 40 marks is not a difficult but overall mark may be problems. Even if you fail for want of aggregate you still failed.



Merit for opting of  both group:


a)   Carry forward benefit.


You can simply overcome the aggregate mark problems by carry forwarding.


b)  No pending of other group

Since you have learned both groups, there is no problem of pending other group always.


Flip up side of writing both groups:


But writing both groups without have enough time for preparation is just like committing suicide. It will spoil your quality of study and ultimately failure.

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