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Opened my eyes in the morning after a nice sleep. Hmmm yet another ordinary day , my fingers wiping by eyes  !!  Suddenly got up and start blinking ...... What happened to me ??  This line runs through my mind like a News headline {Breaking (my head)} ...........


I gazed at me, .... Asked myself "Are you ok ?".... I wondered why this thought suddenly arose !!! Still blinking......

I sat up steadily in the bed,  closed my eyes, took a deep breath and had a mind game with me....


  • Is it a dream ?
  • Is it a mere desire ?
  • Is it a short lived hope ?
  • Is it an expectation ?
  • Is it an ambition ?
  • Is that something which gets fixed as an aim?
  • Is that going to be your life changer?
  • Is it something  you cherish for ?
  • Is that gonna be a life time achievement?
  • Is that something which is going to  raise my status ?

These questions puzzled me .........Am confused, still curious as to why this strange thought arise!!!!

Asked myself "How can you think of it ? you are just an average student ... are you eligible to be a CA Ranker?" ........ My Most intelligent reply came from other part of my brain, it said  "Dude, he is not a medical or engineering student who are ineligible even to think about CA exams; he is a REGISTERED CA Student "...........

Ahhhhhh !!!!  That's a basic reply

I said to me," fine leave that "...... Now try to visualize the other side.... made up my mind and said to me    " What happens if I get an AIR 1 in CA final exam"   { OUTPUT }

  • It opens me a glorious life     (My lips curved :))
  • Media will beautify me
  • I Will be the happiest human being in the world by that moment
  • I will see in my  Mom and Dads face "Joyful tear"  and will get a warm hug (Priceless !!!)
  • My friends will be proud to have me in their 'friends list'
  • My mentors will be so proud to have me as their student
  • ICAI welcomes me with the red carpet. Chance to meet and shake hands with President, Vice President, and the like of ICAI.
  • Endless phone calls, messages, e-mails flooding, all carrying a Wishing Note
  • My dream to gift  a New Maruti Swift (Diesel) car to My Dad will soon become a reality. :P
  • Thousand worthful hand shakes all round.
  • I Create a chance for All India Second Rank holder to say "oops !! I am just fraction short than him"
  • CA club India interviews me....
  • My few words in the interview carries a HUGE meaning in the minds of listeners and readers.
  • Success party, Blazer shines, Polished shoes, greetings and smiles all round
  • A chance for me to speak in front of the crowd (Students of next batch), in fact a definite listening crowd and a nice time for me to boast about myself .... "I did that, I did this. I was not like you people sitting and wasting time....... Blah Blah Blah"
  • Good Campus placement. Nice package !!
  • This achievement gives me the confidence to say " I can achieve anything"
  • My dream to start My coaching centre "Surya's CA Academy"  will soon become a reality and students will flood for admissions in the near future...

Back to ME........ My God ; I felt I am in heaven thinking all that.....

Well I know one thing which my dad always Say.... "You reap, what you sow"  Now it strikes me..Yup................ No Input = No output...... Yes input = Yes output ..... ha ha ( I Laughed)

Me: "I WANT to get that AIR 1in CA final "   I said strongly..................

It asks me "What will you give?"

Me :


Before starting I said to me "Boss,,,,,,,,,,, please ...................NO philosophies, I heard enough...Tell me something different as to what I should give to get an AIR 1 in CA final"

My other part of the Brain started to think and came with an answer ......

"AIM : AIR 1 in CA final"  (and it continues with a strong order)

      "Let Your EYES see only one aim"

         "Let Your BRAIN think and process only that aim"

              "Let your BODY bends to achieve your aim"

#########  I was still..... unmoved,...... slowly asked "Some more tips pls"

It (My other part of the brain) continues:

here are your tips/clues to unlock your way to reach your goal......

  • Condition Self
  • Be simple, Be smiling
  • Love your studies
  • Starting with a brisk pace and enthusiasm can be done by any one. Consistency matters
  • Treat every struggle as a challenge. Try to win every small battles and at last the WAR

////////////I got all the solution for my questions. The question which puzzled me earlier, now got an answer ...... What a day it was for me ............... Now its very clear for me :

    "Some one, some where is DEFINITELY going to get an ALL INDIA RANK 1 in CA Final exam, its up to me whether I USE it or LOSE it "

OPENED my eyes  and Made a brisk walk with HIGH CONFIDENCE and started brushing my teeth..

P.S (Post script) : Its easier 'said'  than 'done'. I took the easy part :), and you?

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CA Ruban kumar
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